Coronavirus updates: South Pas grows to 188 cases

Story by Tiger Staff

Follow this page for updates on the coronavirus within South Pasadena and nearby communities. This page will be updated with the most relevant information as events unfold.

Jul. 14:

Jul. 13:

Jul. 4:

June 22:

  • City hall reopens its doors in compliance with L.A. County health guidelines

June 18:

June 17:

June 7:

May 17:

May 14:

May 9:

May 6:

Apr. 29:

Apr. 22:

Apr. 17:

Apr. 15:

Apr. 14:

  • South Pas confirmed to have 17 coronavirus cases

Apr. 12:

Apr. 11

Apr. 10:

  • SPUSD enacts emergency grading policy
    • SPHS students may choose between letter grades and Credit/No Credit grading
    • SPHS students are guaranteed fourth quarter grades equal or greater than their third quarter grades
    • All SPMS students will receive Credit/No Credit grades
    • All late work will be accepted without penalty, district-wide
  • L.A. County confirms twelfth case in South Pas

Apr. 7:

Apr. 6:

  • South Pasadena reaches 10 cases

Apr. 4:

Apr. 3:

Apr. 1:

Mar. 29:

Mar. 27:

Mar. 26:

Mar. 22:

Mar. 21:

Mar. 20:

Mar. 19:

Mar. 18:

Mar. 17:

Mar. 16:

Mar. 14:

Mar. 13:

Mar. 12:

Mar. 11:

SPUSD canceled events, enacted social distancing measures, and Pasadena confirmed its first case

  • All large public events have been canceled or postponed
  • District-sponsored out-of-state travel has been canceled or postponed
  • Field trips through May 1 have been canceled indefinitely
  • All visitors will be turned away from SPUSD campuses, including volunteers
  • Parent conferences will be held via phone or an alternate method
  • Spectators will not be allowed to watch school sports games

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