L.A. confirms six deaths and 74 coronavirus cases in South Pasadena

Story by Adam Kwoh
News Editor 

Photo by Oscar Walsh
Photo Editor

L.A.’s Department of Public Health confirmed a total of 74 coronavirus cases in the City of South Pasadena in its Apr. 29 update. The county also confirmed six associated deaths, all of which were reported from the South Pasadena Care Center.

According to Public Health’s Apr. 29 release, there have been a total of 22,485 cases confirmed across L.A. County and a total of 1,056 deaths. Testing capacity in the county has increased, with Public Health testing more than 139,000 individuals. 

The majority of deaths have occurred in elderly residents, with 47 percent of confirmed deaths in L.A. County being reported from Skilled Nursing Facilities. Approximately 578 Skilled Nursing Facilities ar being monitored by the state due to the disproportional number of deaths in nursing homes.

“One of the biggest for all of these [Skill Nursing] facilities remains the need for medical-grade personal protective equipment,” South Pasadena’s Fire Chief Paul Riddle said at the city council’s special meeting. “There was a delivery made of N95 masks to a [local] facility. Gowns were ordered and we’re hopeful that more deliveries come into the facility to make sure that staff is adequately protected.”

South Pasadena’s local nursing home, the South Pasadena Care Center, continues to make up the bulk of the city’s confirmed cases. Out of the facility’s current 85 reported cases (which is larger than South Pasadena’s confirmed cases as it includes staff who do not permanently live in the South Pasadena), there have been 57 resident cases and 28 staff cases. As of Apr. 29, this leaves 17 confirmed cases in the city that were not reported from the nursing home. 

“In Los Angeles County, we have many residents that are at very high risk for becoming infected with COVID-19 and becoming seriously ill from the virus, and this is reflected in our case numbers, the number of people who are hospitalized, and the number of people who have died from COVID-19, L.A. Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer said in an update. “We continue to prioritize the need for more intensive efforts to expand testing, treatment, and prevention strategies for these residents.”

The county is continuing to encourage residents to visit one of its 35 available testing sites if they are exhibiting any of coronavirus’ associated symptoms. South Pasadena’s closest testing site is currently at the Rose Bowl.

L.A. is still set to continue its safer-at-home health order until May 15, 2020.

This is an ongoing story. All local coronavirus updates can be found here.

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