South Pas soars past 50 coronavirus cases

Story by Adam Kwoh
News Editor 

Photo by Oscar Walsh
Photo Editor

The L.A. Department of Public Health confirmed a total of 51 cases in the City of South Pasadena in its Apr. 23 update. South Pasadena’s number of confirmed cases has increased rapidly over the past week, garnering more than 20 confirmed cases within 72 hours. 

L.A. County has hit a new high in identified cases, with a total of 17,508 positive coronavirus tests and 797 deaths to date. As of today, 24 percent of cases have been hospitalized at some point during their illness.

Public Health’s Apr. 23 update also has shown that residents ages 41 to 65 have held the most coronavirus cases locally, with 7278 cases in the county amongst the age group (excluding Long Beach and Pasadena). Hispanic/Latino groups have also been hit the hardest in the county as they hold the highest number of confirmed cases among ethnicities in L.A.

The South Pasadena Care Center, a Mission Street nursing home, has reported the majority of South Pas’ confirmed cases. A new total of 37 resident cases and 16 staff cases have originated from the center, which mainly caters to senior citizens.

L.A. Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer noted the dangers of coronavirus and how it has proven to be more infectious and deadly than other common sicknesses.

“COVID-19 is rapidly becoming one of the leading causes of death among LA County residents,” Ferrer said in a Public Health update. “On average, 44 people are dying each day from COVID-19. This is significantly higher than the five people who die each day from the flu and 31 people who die from coronary heart disease.”

L.A. currently plans to continue its safer-at-home health order until May 15, 2020.

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