Staff 2020-2021

Managing Editors

Christine Mao
Throughout the years, Tiger has given senior Christine Mao (she/her) valuable experiences and lessons that will linger beyond high school. Now returning for her fourth and final year on Tiger, Online Managing Editor Christine aspires to further promote Tiger’s prevalence through managing the publication’s online and social media platforms. In her free time, Christine finds happiness in talking to friends, golfing, reading, and watching dramas.
Cat Flores
Senior Cat Flores (she/her) is looking forward to managing Tiger as Editor In Chief in her third year on staff. After spending the majority if her first two years writing opinion articles, Cat is excited to shift her focus towards leading the amazing staff that produces meaningful content online and in print.
Matthew Tsai
Senior Matthew Tsai (he/him) loves the Lakers, watching movies, and collecting stuffed animals. Matthew is excited to be the print managing editor this year and a part of the South Pasadena community.

Section Editors

Ellie Campbell
Junior Ellie Campbell (she/her) is ready to take on her second year on the Tiger staff as sports editor. As she patiently awaits the return of high school sports, she enjoys spending every possible minute at the beach and binging all 317 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.
Amber Chen
Junior Amber Chen (she/her) is super happy to continue Tiger’s leftist streak as this year’s opinion editor.
Noah Kuhn
Junior Noah Kuhn (he/him) is excited for his second year on Tiger as the news editor, even though he knows he will likely lose a lot of sleep for it. Noah hopes to continue his passion for activism by investigating the inner-workings of South Pasadena.
Cloe Maurer
Junior Cloe Maurer (she/her) is beyond psyched to bring her love for all things art, music, and movies to Tiger as this year’s feature editor.

Design Editors

Talulla Chow
Senior Talulla Chow (she/her) is excited to be back for her third year on Tiger as a design editor. Her ability flows through, not pen and paper, but mouse and screen. When not designing pages for Tiger, Talulla can be found taking 164 pictures of a pretty plate of food.
Maddie Yoo
Senior Maddie Yoo (she/her) is excited to return as a design editor for her third year on the Tiger staff. She looks forward to creating engaging spreads and fixating too much on line spacing.

Photography Editor

Ella Jayasekera
Senior Ella Jayasekera (she/her) is eager to be returning to Tiger as this year’s photo editor. Outside of photography, she enjoys spending time at the beach, watching Comedy Central, and laughing while reading the comment wars on Tiger facebook posts.

Copy Editors

Adam Kwoh
Senior Adam Kwoh (he/him) is ready to take on his third and final year of Tiger as one of this year’s copy editors. He hopes to continue to uphold Tiger’s 107-year-old nationally recognized legacy with a red pen in hand.
Luyang Zhang
In her third year on Tiger, copy editor and senior Luyang Zhang (she/her) will be at work ensuring that all articles have consistent styles and formatting. Luyang enjoys running, reading, and stalking down her neighbors’ cats.

Senior Staff Writer

Kimberly Hsueh
Senior Kimberly Hsueh (she/her) is ready to enjoy her last year with her Tiger family while being socially distant. During her free time, she likes to discover new and underrated R&B artists.

Staff Writers

Sofia Alva
Junior Sofia Alva (she/her) is excited to return for her second year on staff as a writer. This year Sofia hopes to become more involved in city politics and local issues.
Katharine Florence
Senior Katharine Florence is looking forward to her second year on Tiger as a staff writer. When not working on articles, Katharine can be found watching new films, guessing strangers’ zodiac signs, and radicalizing the youth of America.
Sam Grotenstein
Sophomore Sam Grotenstein (he/him) is in his first year as a staff writer, and is excited for his first year with tiger. When Sam is not writing, he spends time gardening, reading, playing the guitar, or maybe even vibing out to some Kanye.
Katie Hohman
Senior Katie Hohman (she/her) is excited to be spending her last year of high school as a staff writer and hopes to bring her love of all things music, movies and public policy to the table.
Haelee Kim
Senior Haelee Kim (she/her) is ready to spend her last year in high school on Tiger. In her spare time, she likes to read and listen to music.
Quinn Manzo
Junior Quinn Manzo (she/her) has a love for creative expression and public advocacy. Excited for her first year as a staff writer, she hopes to spark passionate dialogues and remain whelmed.
Kahlen Miao
Sophomore Kahlen Miao (she/her) is eager to start her first year as a staff writer. When not writing, she enjoys ignoring the fact that she should be practicing piano instead of pretending to have more homework.
Georgia Parsons
Junior Georgia Parsons (she/her) is super excited to grow her skills as a new staff writer. She is especially looking forward to writing as many feature reviews as she possibly can this year.
Zoe Schlaak
Junior Zoe Schlaak(she/her) is eager to return for her second year on staff as a writer. This year, she hopes to continue educating herself and her community on pressing local and societal issues.
Eddie Zhou
Junior Eddie Zhou (he/him) is looking forward to his first year as a staff writer on Tiger. In his free time, he enjoys playing the violin, soccer, and idolizing his two heroes George Costanza and Tobias Fünke.
Lilian Zhu
Second-year staff writer Lilian Zhu loves running cross country, math, and her cat, Mars, named after the song Life on Mars by David Bowie. When she’s not busy writing articles, Lilian will inevitably be binging the show Numb3rs or jamming to Cage the Elephant, depending on the day.


Katelyn Hernandez
Senior Katelyn Hernandez (she/her) is enthusiastic for her second year on Tiger as staff photographer. Besides being behind the camera, Katelyn spends her free time drawing, picnicking with friends, and dreading the inevitable future of adulthood.
Sean Jin
Senior Sean Jin (he/him) is back for his second and final year as a staff photographer. In his free time he likes to watch and make movies, read books, and listen to music.
Sarah Lee
Junior Sarah Lee (she/her) is thrilled for her second year on staff as a photographer. When not taking photos, Sarah can be found painting random things or trying out new baking recipes.
Oscar Walsh
Oscar Walsh (he/him) is looking forward to being a staff photographer in his senior year. Among other interests, Oscar enjoys building things that make people ask, “So this is what you do in your freetime?” This is quickly followed by the recommendation to “try out” PCC.
Sophie Yeung
Junior Sophie Yeung (she/her) is pumped to be returning to her second year of Tiger as a photographer after taking a one year hiatus. Besides photography, Sophie loves dance and making confectionary masterpieces for her family and friends.

Graphic Designer/Illustrators

Charlotte Cohen
Junior Charlotte Cohen (she/her) is extremely excited to make more pie charts and graphs during her second year on Tiger as graphic designer.
Nicholas Forman
Nicholas Forman is an awesome senior serving his third year on tiger as an illustrator. He loves making money and making friends. He is ready for action.
David Sohn
Senior David Sohn (he/him) is still wearing a hoodie during record breaking heat waves. David is looking forward to further developing as an artist as he returns to his third and final year of Tiger.
Tarry Song
Junior Tarry Song (she/her) is an illustrator hoping for the chance to one day draw JoJo fanart for an official Tiger news article. Tarry collects her payment in souls as she consumes 100 fresh souls daily, and will draw you anything if you offer enough souls. Anything.
Alicia Zhang
Senior Alicia Zhang (she/her) is looking forward to her second year on Tiger as an illustrator. She hopes to further her creative and artistic abilities as she experiments more with her pieces. Outside of art, she also has a passion for dance and piano.

Webmaster and Videographer

Jackson McLane
Senior Jackson McLane (he/him) is hyped to spend his first and last year on Tiger as the resident tech intern, or Webmaster, whatever the position is called.
Alvaro Rodriguez Chavez
Senior Alvaro Rodriguez Chavez is excited to start his first year as the tiger videographer. When not taking videos or snapping shots he likes to read comics and watch bad quality movies.