Staff 2022–23

Anika Ebbert Senior Anika Ebbert (she/they) is chaotically excited for their last year as Editor-in-Chief of Tiger.  Looking forward to continuing Tiger’s legacy, they are pumped to help it grow and foster a supportive environment.
Elsie Waters Junior Elsie Waters (she/her) is excited and grateful to spend her second year on Tiger as Online Managing Editor and Feature Editor.
Hanna Bae Free of game coverages and school board meetings, junior Hanna Bae (she/her) is super pumped for her second year on Tiger terrorizing new staff writers as Print Managing Editor.
Raluca Tudusciuc
Junior Raluca Tudusciuc (she/her) is excited for her second year on Tiger as Copy Editor. When not lecturing innocent passerby on how the vilification of passive voice is a supremely inexcusable failure, she can be found recovering from her latest encounter with her loving pets (she lost).
Benjamin Regan
Sophomore Benjamin Regan (he/him) is excited to be the Sports Editor in his second year on Tiger. You can find him working to publish as many game coverages of dominant Tiger wins as possible.
Kahlen Miao Excited for their third and final year on Tiger, Copy Editor, Senior Kahlen Miao (they/she) is glad to have finally moved on from being a staff writer. When not furiously rechecking articles for passive sentences, they can be found enthusiastically waiting for their idol Tony Leung’s next projects.
Michael Mayemura
Senior Michael Mayemura (he/him) is eager to finish his final year on Tiger shoving his unwanted opinions down the throat of the student body as a columnist. Other than writing, Michael can be found jamming out to Miriam Bryant or chilling with friends.
Allison (Allie) Wang Senior Allison Lee (she/her) is ecstatic to spend her second and final year on Tiger as a Design Editor. When she is not crying out of frustration with her computer and InDesign, you can find her carrying around copious amounts of baked goods, hanging out with friends, and obsessively listening to the Wasia Project.
Michelle Shadmon Junior Michelle Shadmon (she/her) is ecstatic for her second year on Tiger as the Photography editor. When she’s not procrastinating homework or anything she does, she loves to hang out with her friends, read, and watch a lot of TV and movies.
Staff Writers
Linda Yun Sophomore Linda Yun (she/her) is eager to begin her first year of Tiger as a staff writer. When she’s not procrastinating on deadlines, you can find her pondering why she’s so bad at the piano, nurturing her ever-growing stationery collection, or scavenging the shelves for her next read. In her first year on Tiger, she hopes to meet new friends and (hopefully) become a better writer.
Rose Vandevelde
Freshman Rose Vandevelde (she/her) is ready to start her high school journey and can’t wait to begin her position as a staff writer on Tiger. In between deadlines and last-minute studying/homework sessions, she attempts to train her stubborn dog and scares herself by reading murder mysteries.
Isu Park
Senior Isu Park (she/they) is a first year staff writer for Tiger. Aside from writing, she spends her spare time creating art, reading philosophy, and napping.
Ethan Kwak
Freshman Ethan Kwak (he/him) is ecstatic for his first year on Tiger as a staff writer. He enjoys listening to music, playing guitar, and writing poetry in his spare time. He looks forward to growing as a writer and getting to know other members of Tiger along the way.
Clementine Evans
Freshman Clementine Evans (she/her) is eager to satisfy her hunger for knowledge as a staff writer on Tiger. When she’s not writing articles or scrambling to meet deadlines, she’s reading voraciously, looking for new places to eat, or savoring thoughts about world travel.
Jayden Tran 
When he isn’t yelling at a video game or crying over his latest boy, senior staff writer Jayden Tran (he/they) is prepared to spend his first and only year on Tiger clinging to copy editor Kahlen Miao and fluffing articles like they are AP Lang timed writes.
Morgan Sun Sophomore Morgan Sun (she/her) is ready to begin her journey as a staff writer on Tiger for the first time. When not stressing about every deadline (yet procrastinating until the last possible second), she can be found reading a plethora of YA novels and tossing flags on guard.
Samantha Shiroishi
Junior Samantha Shiroishi (she/her) is excited for her second year on Tiger as a staff photographer. Besides taking photos, she also enjoys listening to music, drawing, and baking bread for friends.
Emiko (Emi) Essmiller (she/her) Emiko (Emi) Essmiller (she/her) is a freshman staff photographer for Tiger, who also happens to be an avid reader and professional Netflix binge watcher. During her first year of high school, she’s especially excited to make vast contributions to the newspaper (possibly). 
Shin-Hye (Rachel) Choi
Junior Shin-Hye (Rachel) Choi (she/her) is excited for her first year on Tiger as a photographer. When she’s not taking photos, she enjoys watching Netflix and being around her friends
Graphic Designer/Illustrators
Ethan Lyons 
Sophomore Ethan Lyons (he/him) is stoked to be illustrating for a second year on Tiger. When he isn’t illustrating you can find him daydreaming about Philly and trying his best not to procrastinate.
Ella Mizota Wong Ella Mizota Wong (she/her) is a senior at SPHS and is excited to take Tiger by storm as a staff illustrator.
Isole Kim Sophomore Isole Kim (she/her) is excited for her second year on Tiger as a staff illustrator. Hopefully this time she’ll come in with a better understanding of color theory.
Elyssa (Ellie) Nakamura Junior Elyssa (Ellie) Nakamura (she/her) is jazzed to spend her first year on Tiger as a graphic designer. With some luck, she’ll stop using an airport pen as a stylus.
Business and Ads Managers
Revelie Brick Freshman Revelie Brick (she/her) is delighted to join Tiger Newspaper as a freshman Business, Ads and Marketing manager. When she’s not managing budgets or communicating with businesses, she’s most likely in pep practice. Otherwise she’s sitting on her bed watching the new movies and tv shows that Netflix provides.
Ada Borredon
Freshman Ada Borredon (she/her) is excited to start her first year on Tiger as a staff writer. She loves listening to music and reading. She loves writing and is excited to get better at it.
Ethan Lyons 
Sophomore Ethan Lyons (he/him) is stoked to be illustrating for a second year on Tiger. When he isn’t illustrating you can find him daydreaming about Philly and trying his best not to procrastinate.
Charlotte Dekle Charlotte Dekle (she/her) is excited to spend her second year on Tiger carrying the metaphorical and yet very literal torch as one of this year’s columnists. When not advocating for more pun usage in articles, she can be found memorizing inane trivia on Wikipedia.