• Thumbnail for Oliver Chang

    Oliver Chang

    Oliver Chang has been the webmaster for Tiger Newspaper since 2016. Although he has a computer programming background, Oliver is constantly learning web development to…

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  • Thumbnail for Lauren Tan

    Lauren Tan

    Lauren Tan returns to Tiger for her second year as Business Manager. She is incredibly excited to continue to be a part of something that…

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  • Thumbnail for Samantha Abelson

    Samantha Abelson

    Samantha Abelson is a junior who’s excited for her first year as Ads Manager for Tiger Newspaper. She is looking forward to connecting with businesses,…

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  • Thumbnail for Finley Mullen

    Finley Mullen

    Having admired Tiger’s ability to communicate news in well designed pages for two years, Finley Mullen is excited to contribute to the continuity of professionalism…

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  • Thumbnail for Elaine Yang

    Elaine Yang

    Senior Elaine Yang is excited to be back in Tiger this year as a Design Editor. She looks forward to creating memorable spreads and new…

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  • Thumbnail for Kate Rogers

    Kate Rogers

    Currently a senior at South Pasadena High School, Kate Rogers is excited to pursue her second and final year working on the Tiger Newspaper staff…

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  • Thumbnail for Isabella Frescura

    Isabella Frescura

    In her third and final year on Tiger Newspaper as an illustrator, Isabella is ready to continue being a part of this incredible publication. Outside…

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  • Thumbnail for Isaac Marziali

    Isaac Marziali

    In his first year on Tiger, staff videographer Isaac Marziali plans on honing his skills in all aspects of videography, from shooting and sound to…

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  • Thumbnail for Richard Gomez

    Richard Gomez

    Hoping to make his last year one to remember, senior Richard Gomez makes his debut on Tiger Newspaper as a staff photographer. His journey as…

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  • Thumbnail for Helena Fu

    Helena Fu

    In her first year on Tiger as a staff photographer, senior Helena Fu is excited to capture community events through her photos. She found her…

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  • Thumbnail for Alicia Alderete

    Alicia Alderete

    Alicia Alderete is looking forward to contributing her ideas and colaborating with others on Tiger. Outside of school, Alicia likes doing film photography, going to…

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  • Thumbnail for Peter Wang

    Peter Wang

    In his second year at Tiger, Opinion Editor Peter Wang is looking forward to staying until 8 PM at deadline and not having enough Boos…

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  • Thumbnail for Preston Sharkey

    Preston Sharkey

    enior Preston Sharkey is excited to lead Tiger in the role of Editor-in-Chief in his third year on staff. After spending the majority of his…

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  • Thumbnail for Noah Parker

    Noah Parker

    In his last year of eligibility, senior Noah Parker has decided to take his talents to the sports section, where he will serve as the…

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  • Thumbnail for Dominic Marziali

    Dominic Marziali

    For over a century, Tiger has been a valuable resource to both SPHS and the community, providing a unique opportunity for students to become involved…

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