• Thumbnail for Alex Nakagawa

    Alex Nakagawa

    Keeping everyone informed of the latest developments around South Pasadena has become an amazing gateway for senior Alex Nakagawa to connect with all of the…

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  • Thumbnail for Adam Hamden

    Adam Hamden

    Tiger Newspaper has given sophomore Adam Hamden a chance to put his creativity and love for money to the test. As Business Manager, he will…

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  • Thumbnail for Jung Su Park

    Jung Su Park

    Jung Su was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. As a fan of spectating and playing various sports, Jung Su joined Tiger as a…

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  • Thumbnail for Faye Witherall

    Faye Witherall

    Currently the Print Managing Editor, senior Faye Witherall is proud to follow in the giant footsteps of previous Tiger journalists. With a keen eye for new trends…

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  • Thumbnail for Julian Prime

    Julian Prime

    Having been a student journalist since 8th grade, Julian has a passionate love for high school journalism and student voice. This love for student press…

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  • Thumbnail for Brandon Yung

    Brandon Yung

    From a young age, Brandon Yung has found joy in creating, whether it be through the visual art, or written word. A sophomore at SPHS,…

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  • Thumbnail for Fiona Bock

    Fiona Bock

    As an avid reader and writer, Fiona loves being on Tiger. Fiona joined the newspaper to see her school and community through a different lens.…

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  • Thumbnail for Thomas Forman

    Thomas Forman

    Sophomore Thomas Forman has loved photography for many years and has a passion in capturing important events. This is Thomas’ first year as a staff…

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  • Thumbnail for Nick Michael

    Nick Michael

    Tiger Newspaper has provided Nick with a great opportunity to explore journalism. It has also given him a chance to improve his writing skills. He…

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  • Thumbnail for Olivia Chiu

    Olivia Chiu

    Senior Olivia Chiu is excited to explore her passion for writing in her first year of Tiger. Being a part of something she feels is…

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  • Thumbnail for Sammy Park

    Sammy Park

    Tiger Newspaper is one of the things on the SPHS campus that sets the high school apart. Being a part of its history and the…

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  • Thumbnail for Sandy Grossman

    Sandy Grossman

    By day, Sandy Grossman contributes feature and opinion articles to Tiger Newspaper, in which are reflected both his passion and talent for writing whatever he…

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  • Thumbnail for William Walker

    William Walker

    William Walker is the Tech Manager for “Tiger” and currently manages Tiger’s website, “Tiger Online”. He enjoys working with computers, and has won numerous awards…

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