• Thumbnail for Michael Stukan

    Michael Stukan

    Michael’s acute interest for innovative graphic design was the impetus for his to join Tiger Newspaper as a sophomore. This year he shares the position…

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  • Thumbnail for Dashiel Bove

    Dashiel Bove

    Junior Dashiel Bove is a lover of all things history, literature, and film. A connoisseur of movies and video games, Dashiel is always in search…

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  • Thumbnail for Declan Chin

    Declan Chin

    Declan Chin joined Tiger junior year for a creative outlet. Tiger helped him discover his passion for writing, and now he will have the chance…

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  • Thumbnail for Cole Cahill

    Cole Cahill

    Cole Cahill has a passion for revealing the hidden stories of South Pasadena, Southern California, and around the world. Whether it’s investigating our education system…

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  • Thumbnail for David Seo

    David Seo

    People always say “before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes.” Having walked far in a variety of shoes, David Seo has found…

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  • Thumbnail for Isabella Tsai

    Isabella Tsai

    Isabella Tsai loves cupcakes, reading, and Netflix marathons. She enjoys paddle boarding and jet skiing, and loves to travel. Isabella is excited to be an…

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  • Thumbnail for Isabella Frescura

    Isabella Frescura

    As a returning illustrator to Tiger newspaper, Isabella Frescura hopes to bring her style to life in her Junior year. Isabella’s first year on Tiger…

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  • Thumbnail for Noah Miyamae

    Noah Miyamae

    Noah Miyamae joined Tiger Newspaper to make a bigger impact at South Pasadena High School and provide updates on various news and sporting events. As…

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  • Thumbnail for Ashton Carless

    Ashton Carless

    There is always a graphic novel on Ashton Carless’ bedstand. Illustrators such as Charles Burns influence Carless’ fluid yet chaotic black and white drawing style,…

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  • Thumbnail for Thomas Forman

    Thomas Forman

    Thomas Forman has a passion for capturing the important events that happen around him. This is his second year on staff as a photographer and…

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  • Thumbnail for Kevin Huang

    Kevin Huang

    First year staff photographer Kevin Huang loves attending sports events. While passionately taking photos for Tiger Newspaper, Kevin also has many hobbies including hiking, tennis,…

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  • Thumbnail for Oona Foley

    Oona Foley

    Staff writer Oona Foley has always been outspoken about the things she cares about. She is an activist for reproductive rights and health as well…

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  • Thumbnail for Alina Mehdi

    Alina Mehdi

    Alina Mehdi, the new ads manager, appreciates many things in life such as the beach and hot cheetos, but mostly enjoys interacting with people. Alina…

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  • Thumbnail for Luke Quezada

    Luke Quezada

    If it’s in the ocean, Sophomore Luke Quezada has done it. The only time he feels more comfortable than when he’s in the ocean is…

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  • Thumbnail for Rachel Lu

    Rachel Lu

    From spoken word poetry to current events, sophomore Rachel Lu has a lot of interests, maybe even too many. And due to this, she’s always…

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