• Thumbnail for Christine Mao

    Christine Mao

    With a strong passion for both reading and writing, Christine Mao is looking forward to her first year in Tiger Newspaper as a freshman. She…

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  • Thumbnail for Sofie Dreskin

    Sofie Dreskin

    Sofie Dreskin is excited to spend her school year as a member of the Tiger staff. She is an advocate for Planned Parenthood and is…

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  • Thumbnail for Benjamin Clark

    Benjamin Clark

    For most of his life, Ben Clark has been fascinated with telling stories. From a young age, he has written his own short stories and…

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  • Thumbnail for Alex Betts

    Alex Betts

    Alex Betts looks forward to his first year in student journalism, where he hopes to express his interest in politics and sports as a staff…

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  • Thumbnail for Lilian Azat

    Lilian Azat

    Lilian looks forward to her first year as a student journalist. She’s excited to express her voice throughout her writing. She loves swimming, speaking, and…

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  • Thumbnail for Isabella Tsai

    Isabella Tsai

    Isabella Tsai loves cupcakes, reading, and Netflix marathons. She enjoys paddle boarding, kayaking and loves to travel. Isabella is excited to be an junior staff…

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  • Thumbnail for David Seo

    David Seo

    It is difficult to avoid becoming disillusioned with the news cycle while chaos ensues in the heart of and across our country. But it is…

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  • Thumbnail for Luke Quezada

    Luke Quezada

    Watching Tiger Newspaper students deliver issues every month inspired a freshman Luke Quezada to apply to Tiger. As a staff photographer and writer, Luke has…

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  • Thumbnail for Sammy Park

    Sammy Park

    Tiger Newspaper sets the SPHS campus apart from the thousands schools across the nation. Being a part of its history and the chance to inform…

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  • Thumbnail for Elizabeth Bock

    Elizabeth Bock

    Elizabeth Bock is excited for her second year as a journalist on Tiger. She loves running, student government, and baking. Hopefully she can incorporate all…

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  • Thumbnail for Alina Mehdi

    Alina Mehdi

    Starting out as ads manager, Alina Mehdi worked her way up to serve as copy editor on her second and senior year of Tiger. In…

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  • Thumbnail for Amelia Anthony

    Amelia Anthony

    Amelia returns to Tiger as a copy editor and opinion columnist for her senior year. A dedication to the craft of writing shows itself in…

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  • Thumbnail for Thomas Forman

    Thomas Forman

    Thomas is back for his third year of Tiger Newspaper as the photo editor for 2017-2018 school year. Thomas is a senior this year and…

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  • Thumbnail for Truman Lesak

    Truman Lesak

    According to Truman, design is merely a posh word for thinking a lot about how stuff looks. As a graphic designer, and design editor of…

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  • Thumbnail for Ashton Carless

    Ashton Carless

    As an Illustrator and the Associate Design Editor last year, Senior Ashton Carless fell in love with the art of deisgn. As a Design editor,…

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