• Thumbnail for Noah Miyamae

    Noah Miyamae

    Noah joined Tiger Newspaper to get more involved with student life and activities at SPHS. More specifically, he enjoys meeting other athletes and learning about…

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  • Thumbnail for Michael Stukan

    Michael Stukan

    Michael’s passion in the graphic arts was the impetus for him to join Tiger Newspaper as a sophomore. His keen interest in this area has…

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  • Thumbnail for Matthew Scholtz

    Matthew Scholtz

    Matthew’s enthusiasm for photography led him to join Tiger Newspaper his sophomore year. He enjoys exploring photography and looks forward to begin video this upcoming…

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  • Thumbnail for Kevin Park

    Kevin Park

    Tiger Newspaper has been an escape for Kevin in high school. Even after a hard day at school, Tiger never fails to cheer him up.…

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  • Thumbnail for Kyle Kan

    Kyle Kan

    With his journalist beginnings originating in a public library while taking a journalism class during the summer before the 8th grade, Kyle went on to…

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  • Thumbnail for Cole Cahill

    Cole Cahill

    Students having a platform to share their perspective is a privilege that we are lucky enough to have at our school, and is part of…

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  • Thumbnail for Ryan Nakamura

    Ryan Nakamura

    Tiger Newspaper showed Ryan all the new and different aspects of high school life. Tiger Newspaper allows him to meet and greet new people from…

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  • Thumbnail for Jenna Giulioni

    Jenna Giulioni

    Senior Jenna Giulioni has been on the Tiger staff for three years now. After serving a year as News Editor, she is now the Senior…

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  • Thumbnail for Jake McCurdy

    Jake McCurdy

    Jake has been interested in joining Tiger since entering SPHS.  He enjoys working behind the scenes, and hopes to apply his business experience working as…

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  • Thumbnail for Isabella Frescura

    Isabella Frescura

    Becoming a part of Tiger as an illustrator was great for Isabella, creating and sharing artwork is one of her favorite past times. Drawing for…

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  • Thumbnail for Hana Tyszka

    Hana Tyszka

    With a love of portrait photography and an affection towards her school, Hana Tyszka holds her job as a photographer close to her heart. Knowing the…

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  • Thumbnail for Declan Chin

    Declan Chin

    The newspaper has served as an creative outlet for this opinonated student, allowing him to understand different perspectives and develop ones of his own. Surrounded…

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  • Thumbnail for Brian Kojima

    Brian Kojima

    After trying photography, Brian was immediately hooked and has had a passion for it ever since. Being self-taught, he applied to Tiger his sophmore year…

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  • Thumbnail for Angelica Navarro

    Angelica Navarro

    Art is a lifelong passion for her and is something that she wishes to pursue. She is always up for a challenge because those are…

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  • Thumbnail for Alex Nakagawa

    Alex Nakagawa

    Keeping everyone informed of the latest developments around South Pasadena has become an amazing gateway for senior Alex Nakagawa to connect with all of the…

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