Baseball narrowly falls to Temple City on the road

Photo by Matt Scholtz
Photography Editor

Varsity baseball dropped its ninth game of the season after falling short against the Temple City Rams with a final score of 4-3, away, on Thursday, May 4.

After a string of frustrating blowout losses to opposing teams, the Tigers were hoping for any spark to power the team’s momentum in the matchup.

Two scoreless innings went by for both teams as the two attempted to zero in on the pitchers. South Pas however took the initiative in the game once junior Zach Howorth singled, followed by senior Kyle Ninomiya who walked to first base. Senior Kevin Park added upon this performance with an RBI double to give the Tigers their first lead in five games.

Temple City was quick to answer back however after a few hits and some errors by the Tigers allowed the Rams to steal home plate and perform a suicide squeeze for a 2-1 lead. South Pas managed to stop Temple Cities offense but at the cost of three runs, giving the Rams a 3-1 lead.

It wouldn’t be until the sixth inning that the Tigers finally regain the upper hand. After Park had singled junior Matt Walker flew the ball up in the outfield which ended with two Rams players colliding with one another. This allowed Park to run home and Walker reach third base. Fueled by Walker’s performance, sophomore Dylan Benton brought home Walker himself with an RBI single to pull South Pas back into the game. This wouldn’t be enough however as the Rams’ lockdown defense did not allow another base hit for the remainder of the game, handing the Tigers their ninth loss of the regular season.

South Pas will head into its last home game of the season against the San Marino Titans on Tuesday, May 9. This last home game will be a celebration of the team’s nine seniors.

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