Swimming competes against Gabrielino at home

Photo by Alicia Alderete
Photography Editor

The SPHS swim team competed with mixed results against Gabrielino on Friday at home, with varsity boys dominating the Eagles for a 100-60 win. However, the varsity girls fell 86-83 to Gabrielino in a tight contest that came down to the final few events.

Both varsity teams had top finishes in their first event, claiming 1st and 2nd places in the the 200-meter medley relay. Senior Tim Chiu, freshman Jake St. Claire, and junior Evan Kowal placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively, besting their competitors by more than ten seconds in the 200-meter freestyle. Freshman Allysan Tse swam effortlessly through the 200-meter individual medley, finishing with a time of 2:14 using her impressive freestyle and butterfly strokes.

The Tigers began slipping up in the 50-meter freestyle and allowed Gabrielino to place first, despite a strong performance from senior Henrique Sannibale. Sophomore Maya Villasenor took back the girls’ lead with her 1:02 time in the 100-meter butterfly, and junior Jaden Mullin furthered the boys’ score with a 55 second time in the same event. Despite being the only competitor in the 500-meter freestyle, senior Alexa Moe held a steady lead and took first place for the girls. Senior William Kan excelled in the boys 500-meter freestyle with his incredibly fast time of 5:20.

Although the boys would continue to win in the 100-meter backstroke and breaststroke events, the girls were unable to take 1st place in their 100-meter backstroke. The girls’ 400-meter relay victory was not enough to sway their 86-83 defeat.

Swimming will face off against Mark Keppel at home on Wednesday, Mar. 6.

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