SPMS teacher Todd Brown passes away

Story by Cloe Maurer
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of South Pasadena Middle School

South Pasadena Middle School teacher, coach, and community member Mr. Todd Brown reportedly passed away the night of Tuesday, Oct. 15, after battling a brain tumor. 

Brown taught in South Pasadena for 17 years as a math teacher after graduating from San Diego State University. Brown was known for his love of professional sports, and for coaching the SPMS football and basketball teams. 

Junior Valentino Nguyen befriended Brown during his time on the SPMS football team.

“I don’t say he was my friend just because he was a funny guy and we liked talking with one another. He cared about how you felt, how your day was, what was bothering you,” Nguyen said. “You always hear people say to make every day special because there might not be a tomorrow. I never took that expression too seriously, but how could I not now?”

Sophomore Joshua Ramirez remembers Brown for his kindness both in and out of the classroom. 

“He didn’t give up on me in 6th and 7th grade when I was struggling with math,” Ramirez said. “He was always friendly to me and [we developed a] friendship.”

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