SPHS adds drive-through graduation to year-end events

Story by Noah Kuhn
Associate News Editor

Photo by Oscar Walsh
Photo Editor

SPHS Principal Janet Anderson updated seniors and their families Friday, May 22 about revised year-end festivities, most notably the addition of a drive-through graduation in the campus parking lot. The decision comes after the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors eased coronavirus restrictions to allow for the vehicular ceremonies to commemorate the Class of 2020.

Anderson had previously told seniors that there would only be a virtual, video graduation ceremony, but has now switched back to including the original plan of a drive-through, now that the L.A. County permits it. 

The drive-through graduation ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 3 at 6:00 p.m. Each senior is only allotted one vehicle, in which everyone must live in the same household and wear masks, per L.A. County Health guidelines. Cars will enter the Lyndon gate from the right and pick up a diploma cover (the actual one will be mailed) before exiting to the right on Fremont Avenue.

Graduates are encouraged to wear their caps and gowns and sit on the passenger side of the vehicle, which should have a sign indicating the senior’s name.

SPHS will then put on the second half of the graduation ceremony on video the same day at 8:00 p.m. The YouTube production will feature Baccalaureate speeches and performance, graduation addresses, and a Class of 2020 slideshow.

The last day of year-end festivities is Thursday, June 4, when seniors can drop off their caps and gowns and any other SPHS materials, as well as collect awards and other graduation gifts. The process will be held between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m in a similar drive-through procession, except starting on Fremont instead of on Lyndon.

Seniors and their families will also have the opportunity to take graduation photos with the traditional festive backdrop on the auditorium steps at any time between June 1 and June 4. Participants will be expected to don masks, which can be removed for photos, and properly social distance while in line.

Anderson cautioned against combining the pictures with the drive-through graduation. Furthermore, she warned that Tuesday, June 2 will be the day freshmen through juniors will be dropping off class materials in the parking lot, so seniors will only be able to access the photos from Diamond Avenue.

The virtual Senior Awards Night ceremony will be held on video on Tuesday, June 2, with a link to be sent out at a later date.

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