Police Chief Joe Ortiz retires amidst community calls for SPPD investigation

Story by Zoe Schlaak
Staff Writer

Photo by Tony Chen

SPPD Chief of Police Joe Ortiz announced his formal retirement for his term, intended to officially begin March 1, 2021. Ortiz has served as chief of the SPPD since his appointment on April 1, 2019.

Deputy Police Chief Brian Solinsky was specified as immediate Interim Police Chief by Interim City Manager Sean Joyce until another Chief is formally named. Solinsky has worked for the SPPD for 27 years and was promoted to Deputy Chief in July 2019.

At the City Council’s Nov. 18 meeting, Joyce announced that the city would open an investigation into the SPPD and Chief Ortiz due to overwhelming community demands for an investigation to identify negligence and bias in the department. Ortiz was placed on administrative leave to allow for an investigation. 

Ortiz has worked in law enforcement for 27 years, previously serving in Glendora and Sierra Madre’s departments before joining the SPPD.

Chief Ortiz will remain on paid administrative leave until his retirement goes into effect.

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