Girls’ soccer earns first league victory against San Marino

Written by David Seo
Staff Writer

Photo by Kevin Huang
Staff Photographer

Video by Kevin Huang and Luke Quezada

In an enthralling face off, the girls’ varsity soccer team clinched the win against the San Marino Titans away on Wednesday, January 18. The game included the Tigers’ best passing all season, giving the girls the advantage to secure a 1-0 triumph over their biggest rivals. This victory at their second league match places their overall season record to 5-2-3 and their league record at 1-1.

Right from the get-go, the Tigers competed with an unparalleled ferocity fueled by an intense desire to outplay their historic adversaries. The ball immediately found its way into Titan territory, as sophomore forward  Uma Hornish lead the effort. In analyzing the first half, the Tiger performance actually mimicked many aspects of the first league match against Monrovia. Again, Hornish would work in tandem with sophomore midfielders Rainey Tilley and Jade Myer as well as junior midfielder Emily Dunn to round out a robust frontline. But similarly to a week prior, South Pas would set up many goal shots but flounder to finish them. Junior defender Riley Segal made a few free kicks that would fall directly into the opposing keeper’s hands, while a later penalty kick from Dunn did the same.

Senior Jayda Weeks gains possession of the ball.

Despite the Tigers’ slight offensive woes, San Marino simply could not keep up with South Pas’ quick footwork. All of the players were able to remain level-headed and focused throughout the course of the half, each of their eyes on the prize. When the Titans overturned possession, they were abruptly met by the Tiger defense, including Segal along with senior defenders Sara Jaime and Amelia De Young, who repeatedly outmaneuvered a faltering Titan offense. It’s fair to say that South Pas dominated the field for the most of the match. Even though the Tigers may not have been able to put any points on the board by halftime, they gave the Titans no chance at doing so either.

“I think [today’s win] proved that we were able to pass well between ourselves and stay collected as a team,” Hornish commented.

Diving into the second half, South Pas was ravenous for a goal on the Titans. At this point, the girls had made around six striking shots, each failing to find their mark. Towards the start, the Tigers were a little too hungry for the goal, as they became a bit frantic in their play. This allowed the Titans to make an attempt at the net. Fortunately, junior goalkeeper Sophie Reynolds would cleanly intercept the ball, maintaining the tie.

Minutes flew by and the Tigers began to fall into their step again, as Hornish, Tilley, and freshman midfielder Corey Segal began a relentless siege. Finally, Tilley harnessed a perfectly calibrated cross from Hornish and propelled the ball straight into the net. Although providing a moment of relief for South Pas, it would be short lived due to the zealous response from San Marino. Following a free kick, the Titans became dangerously close to tying the score when they managed to fire the ball past Reynolds. Luckily, the striker was called offsides and the goal was nullified. Subsequently, the Titans shot an accurate cross that would’ve landed if not for Reynolds’ swift block. For the remainder of the match, South Pas would fend off any ensuing Titan undertakings while unsuccessfully vying for a second goal.

“I’m really proud of the way we played tonight,” head coach Victoria Lathrop said. “I think tonight was a great test of character and composure. They were able to channel their excitement into focus and handled everything that San Marino brought to the table.”

Exuberant from their victory, the Tigers are eager to dominate at their next away match against La Cañada on Wednesday, January 25.

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