Community bands together in grocery shopping volunteer service

Story by Amber Chen
Staff Writer

Photo by Ella Jayasekera
Associate Photo Editor

Residents have banded together to help the community during the coronavirus outbreak, founding the South Pasadena Volunteer Grocery Shoppers program to assist seniors, families with special needs students, and the otherwise health compromised with groceries and/or pharmaceutical needs in order to reduce their exposure to the virus.

Participants in the program will fill out an ordering form where volunteers will pick-up and deliver goods to their doorstep. However, only essential supplies will be accepted for delivery.

Volunteers operate under a “no contact delivery” system and follow social distancing measures throughout the process. The program’s payment for deliveries can be made through a variety of methods and those that do not have the money are referred to assistance.

“It was a group effort from a number of people here in South Pas,” volunteer Ed Donnelly said. “We all agreed that we wanted to do what we could to help our neighbors.”

Grocers have also provided aid to seniors amidst the growing coronavirus outbreak, with Bristol Farm joining stores such as Whole Foods and Target that have attempted to aid senior shoppers by opening from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. for senior citizens and caregivers only before the general public. The store is also providing 10% off for seniors on Tuesdays.

“Even though I’m 66 years old, I feel very young, I’m pretty healthy, and I don’t have any underlying conditions. My thought is that I would not personally take advantage of these services,” resident Tom Marcus said. “I’d want to make sure that people who really need it take advantage. I think it’s really a wonderful thing for people that need it.”

To join, volunteer, or make a donation to the South Pasadena Volunteer Grocery Shoppers, visit the South Pasadena Volunteers website

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