Assistant Principal Janet Wichman announces retirement from SPHS

Story by Clementine Evans
Staff Writer

SPHS Assistant Principal Janet Wichman sent out an email to SPHS students and families on Wednesday, June 29 announcing her retirement, ending her 35-year career. In the email, she states that she will continue to work as the principal for SPEF Summer School at SPHS until her last day, Friday, July 8. 

Wichman conveyed her deep appreciation for the connections she made in the district. In her 35 years as an educator, she served as assistant principal to SPHS, a site administrator, a Spanish teacher, and the Coordinator of Testing and Categorical Programs at the District level. 

I have enjoyed the lasting friendships, working toward common goals, and serving the students and community of South Pasadena,” Wichman said in her email. “I will miss attending in the many student activities and working directly with the SPUSD staff, students, and families to provide programs for students.”

SPUSD is currently in the process of hiring a new assistant principal and they expect to have the position filled before the start of the school year on Aug. 11, 2022. 

One Reply to “Assistant Principal Janet Wichman announces retirement from SPHS”

  1. Curious Citizen

    Why is this newspaper full of puff pieces? Why does it feel like students are just going through the motions? Do you think you should investigate why Janet Wichman abruptly left in the middle of the most critical days of scheduling? Do you think new SPHS administration is being welcomed by long-serving staff of the school? Is the new administration effective? Does it not feel like there is a story here? There are real stories happening in your own community and your own school, and you can do real journalism and reporting to find out what is happening. Exercise your first amendment right.

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