Girls’ volleyball falls to Campbell Hall in revenge match

Story by Valentine Barkoff
Staff Writer

Photo by Rachel Shin-Hye Choi
Staff Photographer

Tigers Girls’ volleyball went head-to-head with the Campbell Hall Vikings in their first home game this season, but fell just short of the win with a loss in the fourth set on Tuesday, Aug. 22.

“After a reverse sweep last year, we knew we needed to come out strong and really work together,”  senior libero Mia Ramos said.

The Tigers started off by taking the first point of the set but conceded the next two points to the Vikings. Senior opposite hitter Ingrid Zahn was on fire in the first set, consistently scoring kills. After a long rally that sent the ball soaring back and forth, at 13-16, the Tigers sent the ball flying down and managed to finally score a hard-earned point. However, the Vikings responded with a kill from the pipe, putting the Tigers behind three points. Sophomore middle blocker Senya Dorny then got a kill from the middle, bringing the score up to 18-22. Senior setter Kendall Taylor executed an incredible dive, but the set went to Campbell Hall.

The second set started with the Vikings taking the first two points. Early on in the set, Dorny made a strong block, bringing the score to 2-5, and leaving the Vikings in the lead. The Vikings then called a timeout after the Tigers gained the lead 9-6. The set ended with the Tigers at 25-18 when senior outside hitter Helena Foord tipped the ball, winning the set.

“The first two sets were definitely neck and neck and finding our rhythm,” Ramos said. “[They] really helped set the tone for the game, and no matter the outcome, we knew we had tons of energy.”

The Vikings had a streak of momentum during the third set, as they continuously scored the first four points. The Tigers began to advance, neither team pulling ahead. The Vikings got their streak back, gaining three points on the Tigers to bring the score to 8-11. The Vikings seemed to always be one step ahead, but the Tigers started to slowly, but surely catch up. However, the Vikings ended up winning the set with a final score of 16-25. With Campbell Hall starting off strong, the Tigers were never able to gain enough points to win the set.

The openings of the fourth and final set kept the audience on their toes. The Tigers quickly took the first point, followed by a long rally that engaged the majority of the team. A serve sent the ball bouncing into the net and back down to the front zone, giving the point to the Vikings. The Tigers took the following point, sending the ball flying to the back of the gym. The two teams went head-to-head in the last set, with each team giving it their all. When one team scored two points, the other would steal the next few points. Dorny leaped up, executing a killer block, bringing the score to 17-22. The set ended with a kill from the Campbell Hall Vikings at 23-25, ending the game in favor of Campbell Hall.

“We left everything out there, and even though the ending of that set didn’t go our way, we were proud to leave it with a bang,” Ramos said. “I think it kept the crowd on their toes, and we look forward to keeping that energy for the rest of the season.”

On Monday, Aug. 28, the Tigers will go up against the Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy Tologs at an away game at 6 p.m.

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