Varsity boys’ basketball wins summer tournament

Story by Brady Nakamura
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of John Burch

Varsity boys’ basketball dominated the Huntington Park Silver Division Tournament this July 12 weekend, claiming first place. Led by senior transfer Billy Reed and fellow senior Rodney Ortega, South Pas coasted to three blowout victories. 

The Tigers crushed Ámino Ralph Bunche High School, 59-21, Friday and trounced Monroe High School on Saturday with a score of 48-26. In Sunday’s championship game, South Pas defeated the Roybal Titans 52-38.

“After having a successful tournament, I feel confident in our team and program,” senior forward Alan Quan said. “This tournament was not only successful because of the result, but because of the growth we’ve had in such a short time. Coach Baskerville has helped create more energy in us as a team and it shows when we play together.”

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