Tiger talks with varsity boys’ basketball coach Ernest Baskerville

Tiger: What drew you to South Pasadena?

Coach Ernest Baskerville: I’ve always known about the great academic reputation that has come along with South Pasadena High School. I think that if this school could become an athletic power along with its academic success, then we can really build a strong program.

Tiger: The boys’ basketball program has had four head coaches in the last seven years. What unique aspect do you bring to the table that’s different from other coaches?

Baskerville: I bring heavy experience with coaching and attention in regards to events. In the 20 years I’ve been a head coach, I’ve ran many tournaments and showcases. I try to get schools from different areas and social-economic backgrounds to all come together and play in tournaments. It’s a chance for the players to get to know different people and play teams they haven’t played before. Whether they come from Orange County, Ventura, South Central L.A., or the Inland Empire, our program gets exposed to something different. I also try to assemble a unique coaching staff that can bring a lot of different personalities that will inspire the student-athletes. We also plan to bring excitement to the program! There will be a certain pace and style of basketball that student-athletes want to play, and I think we’re going to play a style that the people of South Pas are going to be really excited to see.

Tiger: What’s your biggest goal for your first year coaching?

Baskerville: Our goal is to make the playoffs.

Tiger: What are you most excited about for this year?

Baskerville: I’m most excited about seeing how this team will grow.

Tiger: There are no returning varsity players this year, so the program is a fresh, blank slate. What kind of culture are you hoping to instill?

Baskerville: We are trying to instill a winning culture. As John R. Wooden once said, “It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.” 

Tiger: What is one thing you want the players, parents, and the community to know?

Baskerville: We, as a team, are going to work hard to put out a great product that the players, administration, parents, and community can be proud of.

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