Tiger talks with ASB Athletic Commissioner

Story by Haelee Kim 
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Khalil Murdock

The ongoing pandemic has forced athletics into a corner, but Commissioner of Athletics Khalil Murdock is hard at work in navigating these challenges, hoping to promote school spirit and spotlight the efforts of athletes virtually.

Tiger: How has your role been impacted by everything transferring online? 

Murdock: A lot of the stuff that I planned for was hands-on, so I can’t really do them now. One of those things was this Ultimate Frisbee tournament between different sports teams at our school. Then I would’ve got the rest of the school involved with student sections for spirit.

Tiger: Are these plans on hold or will you be adapting them virtually?

Murdock: The Ultimate Frisbee [tournament idea] is put on hold, but there is a new project. In the upcoming assembly, we are planning on releasing “Athlete Spotlights.” Here, I interviewed athletes about their experience, how they were coping with quarantine, and more. We will be posting these on YouTube or the SPHS Athletics’ IGTV.  

Tiger: How will you be selecting the athletes and do you currently have any names in mind?

Murdock: I want to reach all sports and make sure it’s not limited to just upperclassmen. I know somebody from every sport, so I’m going to be making sure to feature outstanding underclassmen and even SPHS alumni. In fact, one of the individuals we are working with right now is Jack Renken. He graduated two years ago and was a track and soccer athlete.

Tiger: When is the first “Athlete Spotlight” going to be released?

Khalil Murdock: We are working on one this month, so probably early September. We haven’t worked out the logistics of how often we would post, but it would likely be monthly or biweekly. 

Tiger: Do you have any other plans in regards to games?

Murdock: We still don’t know the circumstances with sports, whether there are going to be fans or no fans, although it is most likely going to be no fans. But I am thinking about recording the games, club and school, and clipping them into highlights, so we could add commentary over that. 

Tiger: How will you hope to improve low morale in athletes right now?
Murdock: I do have some ideas, like the competitions with the Navy officers we used to have. I’m thinking of doing push-up and sit-up competitions virtually with the student body and then giving out prizes for winners. Also, I am working with the Health and Wellness officers right now to get the teachers to make exercise videos for students again and bring back activities like Yoga with Jaroch.

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