Tiger Guide quiz will be given to all students, counting toward a letter grade

Story and Photo by Brandon Yung
Online Managing Editor

South Pasadena High School students will take a mandatory quiz reviewing the Tiger Guide— a document listing the school’s rules and guidelines— before the end of September. The quiz is set to be distributed to all period four classes and will count toward a student’s grade in that class.

An email describing the quiz was sent out to teachers by Assistant Principal David Speck on Thursday, September 14. After teachers informed their fourth-period classes, many students were alarmed by the move. Senior Nestore Mastromatteo didn’t recall ever taking such a quiz.

“I don’t think it should be part of people’s grades. I would be fine with [the quiz] if it weren’t,” Mastromatteo said.

The Tiger Guide is a small handbook given to students who purchase it at the beginning of the school year, also available on the school’s website. The quiz will cover the alma mater (the school’s lyrical anthem), graduation requirements, GPA cutoffs, and general rules. Despite the breadth of the material covered, Speck reassured that the quiz would be short, easy, and that teachers would determine how the quiz grade would be weighted in the class.

“It shouldn’t be something that pulls your grade down that much… It’s just a short quiz to make sure students are aware of what’s going on on campus,” Speck said.

The exact date of the quiz is not yet determined, although Speck specified that it would be given at the end of the month. Students who did not purchase a Tiger Guide can access it here.

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  1. Deborah Lutz

    So for some students this “quiz” could count toward his/her PE grade and for another Advance Chem., AP History or Honor’s English? This does not seem equitable. Considering my student’s have hours upon hours of homework each evening already I would hope that our administration could come up with some other way to encourage students to become familiar with these “rules”.

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