Tiger Guide quiz changed to a survey, no longer graded

Written by Brandon Yung
Online Managing Editor

A quiz on the Tiger Guide, initially planned to be distributed to all fourth-period classes and counting toward a letter grade, has been replaced by a survey which will not affect a grade, meant only to aid understanding of the SPHS rules, requirements and tradition.

SPHS Principal Janet Anderson clarified that the Tiger Guide survey’s “objective is to provide students with the how, where, and what they need to know for a successful career at SPHS regarding the expectations and traditions,” in an email sent to parents on the evening of Monday, September 18.

Anderson provided further details in the email:

  • All students will have an opportunity to take the survey in their fourth-period classes
  • it has thirty easy questions and will take approximately ten minutes
  • it will be taken as an open-book survey
  • results will not be included in any student’s course grade
  • Students who do not show proficiency (at least 24 correct responses) in their use of the Tiger Guide will be given repeated opportunities to demonstrate proficiency

The online version of the Tiger Guide can be found here.

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