Students unwind with slime at latest Stress Relief Workshop

By Sammy Park
Staff Writer

Photo by Thomas Forman
Assoc. Photography Editor

The Peer Mediation group provided free slime outside the Career Counseling Center on November 30th during another weekly Stress Relief Workshop, in an effort to teach students healthy ways to destress. This latest workshop was yet another example of the Mediators’ work to reduce stress levels across campus.

“Though the peer mediators are founded on the service of peer mediation, we are also focusing our efforts on changing the SPHS campus culture for the better,” Peer Mediators founder Will Hoadley-Brill said.  “We have found that one of the biggest issues on our campus is that students overwhelm themselves and are not prepared to deal with the consequences.”

Throughout the lunch break, many students stopped by to add glitter or a scent (lavender or floral) to their complementary pastel slime. Around the assembled tables, slime recipients lounged and played with the sticky substance.

“It was really cool that the slime was available to us, and its intention of stress relief was really effective for me,” junior Giselle Huerta said.

Following the Slime Decoration, the team plans to hold many more stress relief workshops. Next Monday, they will host a yoga event led by English teacher Ms. Katie Jaroch in the dance room.

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