SPPD arrests convicted felon for illegal possession of firearms

South Pasadena police arrested Paul Anthony Cruz on Tuesday, after he was charged with child endangerment, illegal possession of a firearm, and criminal storage of a firearm. He was not allowed to own any firearms, as he was a convicted felon.

During a child-abuse investigation at the 1100 block of Huntington Dr. on Tuesday, South Pasadena police officers discovered eight illegally obtained firearms belonging Mr. Cruz. His children—three toddlers and one eleven-year-old—are now in custody of the Department of Child and Family Services.

While interviewing Mr. Cruz, the officers found a loaded semi-auto assault rifle in a bedroom. After obtaining a search warrant, officers discovered additional firearms inside his residence, in addition to large amounts of ammunition and high-capacity magazines. None of the weapons were registered to him, and all were easily accessible by children.

The case is still under investigation, and thus the police declined to release any information beyond the initial news release.

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