SPHS Winter Assembly reveals 2024 Winter Formal venue

Story by Claire Mao
Staff Writer

Photos by Zoe Chen & Emiko Essmiller
Staff Photographers

ASB held a spirited Winter Assembly on Friday, Dec. 15 in the Janet Anderson auditorium. The event, hosted by senior Commissioner of Assemblies Noble Jones and SPHS ASB, included dance performances and the Winter Formal video competition winners. 

Senior Vivian Yu performed the national anthem along with sophomore Yusei Izumi on the viola, senior Yuuto Izumi on the violin, and senior AJ Capolot on the cello. SPHS Choir collaborated with Orchestra in a rendition of “Hallelujah.”

“We luckily had a really good amount of time to prepare this one,” Jones said. “We started nearly right away back in October, just after the homecoming assembly.”

The assembly then presented the third-place winner of the Winter Formal video competition. The creators of the video, Lauren Hoang, Lisa Kao, and Maddie Kim won a 25 percent discount on two Winter Formal tickets. 

The second-place winning video, created by senior Jenna Garner won a 50 percent discount towards two Winter Formal tickets.

Senior Commissioner of Athletics Kendall Taylor led the winter sports captains on stage for a rapid-fire question and answer. She touched on team performances this past semester and future goals. The segment featured the varsity captains of boys and girls basketball and soccer and girls water polo. This precluded the anticipated viewing of the Winter Formal video competition winner.

The first-place video, created by sophomores Radine Simpson and Melany Nunez secured two free tickets to the Winter Formal. Other highlights of the assembly included a dance performance to “The Nutcracker,” a special note to the graduating class of 2024, and a brief hot chocolate chugging class competition. 

Jones revealed the location and theme of the Winter Formal as an assembly closer. Held in the Museum of Latin American Art on Saturday, Feb. 3, the formal will be a masquerade-themed dance.

“I really started with what the winter assembly was meant for, which is showcasing fabulous performances, celebrating the holidays, and revealing details about the upcoming winter formal dance,” Jones said. “I’m looking forward to what the second semester of assemblies has to offer as well as how I can put my own unique spin on them!”

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