Boys’ Basketball triumphs over rival Titans

Story by Claire Mao

Staff Writer

Photos by Kaitlyn Lee

Staff Photographer

South Pasadena Tigers’ boys’ basketball team came on top of San Marino Titans during a home game on Wednesday, Dec. 13. The Tigers left the Titans in the dust with the score of 112-76. 

The Tigers gained possession first with a successful tipoff and quickly put the first points on the board. San Marino took possession but junior center Jack Madison, who plays, intercepted and junior point guard Miles Nowe made a three-pointer, to bring South Pasadena’s score to 9. 

San Marino called a 30-second timeout to discuss strategies later on in the game. However, once back on the court, the Titans threw the ball out of bounds and the Tigers once again regained possession of the ball. Junior shooting guard and small forward, Oni Balogun, shot a two-pointer, and senior point guard and shooting guard, Derek Peterson, converted a three-pointer. As a result of numerous San Marino fouls, the Tigers scored three free throws.

Peterson made all three free throws, and once play resumed, Madison played strong defense to regain possession for the Tigers. With the Tigers’ effective coordination, they converted point after point, quickly pulling away from the Titans. Peterson then shot a three-pointer with 30 seconds left making the final score of the first quarter, 30-16.

Quarter-two play resumed after an early San Marino injury and Nowe made a three-pointer, adding three points to their total score. The second quarter had many interceptions from SPHS back to back and with four minutes and 49 seconds left on the clock, the score became 35-21, and two minutes later, Madison made the first dunk of the game. 

Junior point guard Sebastian Martinez made a three-pointer and Peterson made another three-pointer with two seconds left on the clock, making the final score of 49-39 at the end of quarter two. 

The third quarter saw another three points from senior small forward, Russell Williams, followed by Nowe converting another three points. 

Balogun made the second dunk of the game during the third quarter and Peterson shot a three-pointer. The score was 64-44 with four minutes left on the clock.

The Tigers showcased their strong defense during the third quarter — players including Peterson and Williams intercepted many plays and Williams performed the third dunk of the basketball game. 

The third quarter officially ended with the final score of 84-57, the Tigers leading by 27 points.

A Tiger three-pointer elicited cheers as SPHS’s score turned to 101-67. With approximately one minute left on the clock, it was without a doubt that South Pasadena would win against San Marino. The game concluded with a score of 112-76. 

“We did a great job. We hit a lot of shots tonight and when you’re hitting shots, and the other team isn’t then that’s how it’s gonna look they’re a good team. They’re not 13 to one for nothing,” Head Coach Ernest Baskerville said. “They want to turn this coming into here. And we just want to really get a chance to try to stop them and get a chance for some shots.”

The next game will be an away game on Friday, Dec. 15 against La Cañada.

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