SPHS welcomes new PE teacher Jill Timothy

Story by Sofia Alva
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Jill Timothy

South Pasadena native Jill Timothy made her teaching debut at SPHS on Monday, Spet. 14, working with mainly freshman and sophomore physical education classes. Timothy, an avid runner, wife and mother of three, is excited to be back in South Pasadena and hopes she can return to campus soon. 

Timothy graduated from Cal Poly Pomona University with a degree in Kinesiology. She previously taught dance, aerobics, and health at Temple City High School and at secondary schools in Yorba Linda and East Whittier. 

Adjusting to distance learning has been an interesting experience for Timothy, as teaching PE is much different than teaching a traditional subject. During at-home instruction, she has begun incorporating lessons about fitness and physical health into her classes. 

“Teaching online has required a whole new set of skills,” Timothy said. “However, I’m trying to look at my cup as half full and it’s enjoyable to get online and see everyone’s faces everyday and to be able to still connect with them.”

Timothy’s virtual PE classes typically begin with a group warm up and stretching. Depending on the day, Timothy may teach a brief lesson on a new sport or aspect of physical health to her students. Students are given opportunities to fulfill their cardio portion of the class individually, and if they choose, outdoors. This is in an effort to balance student’s time glued to the screen with more time spent outdoors in fresh air.

Many students believe that the combination of individual fitness as well as group fitness gives students a unique experience that they wouldn’t otherwise get in traditional at-school PE classes. This combination also helps combat fatigue from Zoom that many students face during distance learning. 

“The class is different online but I like it because she allows us to exercise individually,” freshman Michelle Shadmon said. “I also like that we get to do something other than staying on video during class because I know a lot of students are getting tired of being on Zoom all day.” 

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