SPHS responds to parent and student concerns regarding mandatory study hall

The SPHS administration expanded the list of exception courses that students could enroll in – in place of a study hall, to accommodate students who want to take a seventh class. Superintendent Geoff Yantz responded to the concerns of parents and students regarding the new mandatory study hall with a note behalf of the district.

The expansion adds “courses for performance groups” to the list of exception courses. These courses include sports teams, band, drama, and choir. While four-year pathway courses such as PLTW Biomedicine were already on the list of exception classes, freshmen will now be able to take a computer science course, if they plan on completing the four-year pathway.

Adding performance group courses to the exception list will help many students whose after school extracurriculars activities count as an official class. The change allows SPHS student-athletes to enroll in six academic classes along with their seventh sports class.

The SPHS administration aimed to address the concerns raised by students and parents at a school board meeting on June 26th. The additional courses will give students more flexibility, hoping to address their worries of losing the opportunity to take electives due to the six class limit.

A form was attached in the letter from the district office for parents or students who want to submit a request for a course in place of a study hall. School officials, and/or the Challenge Success Team will continue to evaluate the exception class policy over the coming year.

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