School pool to undergo renovations

By Sandy Grossman

Staff Writer

Photo by Raj Jain

The South Pasadena High School athletic department announced its decision to renovate the swimming pool to repair years of damage and wear. Construction is scheduled to begin in late May.

Swim and water polo coaches hope to manage the project’s schedule and minimize interference with their seasons.

“I’m really glad the work on the pool won’t begin until summer,” sophomore Maya Roshandel said. “Swimming anywhere other than our home pool just wouldn’t be the same.”

The school administration plans to demolish and refurbish the deck area around the pool. The project has been approved by the district but is still in its planning stages; exact cost projections are still undetermined.

A summer swim class will be moved to a different location or possibly canceled if construction extends past Monday, June 22, the first day of summer school. The water polo team plans to begin practices over the summer and will also be affected if the project takes longer than expected.

“Hopefully it will be done by the time summer school starts,” Athletic Director Mr. Gregorio Luna, who is also involved in the project, said.

More information on the designs and scheduling of the renovations will be released upon further plan approval.