Scholastic Art and Writing Awards recognizes SPHS students’ work

Illustration by Elaine Yang
Design Editor

Scholastic awarded a total of 66 Western Region awards to approximately 50 Tigers for their work in art and writing Friday, Feb. 1. Students of all grades who registered for the competition submitted their writing, photos, illustrations, and/or artworks to be regionally judged in the annual competition.

“I was honestly really surprised when I found out because I know how competitive these awards can be, but I am also really excited and grateful that my photo was recognized,” Silver Key recipient Ella Jayasekera said.

Awards included the Gold Key, Silver Key, or Honorable Mention. Those who attained the Gold Key, the highest honor in the regional competition, qualify to be judged on the national level. Gold Key recipients who are chosen as national medalists will be informed March 12, and will attend the National Ceremony in June at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Western Region Art Awards
Gold Key:
Edward Chau – Photography – Taking Flight
Hongtan Chen – Photography – American style
Hongtan Chen – Photography – Daily Kaizhang
Hongtan Chen – Photography – Finally made it?
Hongtan Chen – Photography – Tangled in a web of thought
Hongtan Chen – Photography – Tranquility
Nicholas Forman – Photography – Freethinking
Thomas Kano – Film & Animation – Melon
Laurian Lien – Photography – Lights in the Spiral of Time
Quinn Meissner – Photography – Beautiful Tranquility
David Pérez Espinosa – Painting – Ye Shall Follow
Yolanda Xing – Painting – Watercave
Elaine Yang – Painting – Naked
Elaine Yang – Painting – Sock Monkeys
Max Yee – Photography – Snack Time
Maddie Yoo – Drawing and Illustration – My Voice

Silver Key:
Alicia Alderete – Photography – Rabbit Hunting
Alicia Alderete – Printmaking – Flower Child
Alicia Alderete – Photography – Bearly Seen 5
Alicia Alderete – Printmaking – Marine Portrait
Edward Chau – Photography – A Burst of Light
Hongtan Chen – Photography – Parallel universe
Sophia Hao – Drawing and Illustration – My grandpa
Addison Hsiao – Photography – Embedded
Addison Hsiao – Photography – A Perfect World
Addison Hsiao – Digital Art – Dissolving Loneliness
Ella Jayasekera – Photography – Across the Sky
Ashlyn Kawakami – Painting – Still
Quinn Meissner – Photography – Innocent Love
Quinn Meissner – Photography – The Circle of Life
Quinn Meissner – Photography – Blue Freedom
Quinn Meissner – Photography – Simple Madness
Quinn Meissner – Photography – Simple Luminance
David Pérez Espinosa – Painting – Tequio
David Pérez Espinosa – Painting – Ye Shall Love
David Pérez Espinosa – Sculpture – Ego Coatlicue
David Pérez Espinosa – Drawing and Illustration – All Saints
David Pérez Espinosa – Painting – Ye Shall Believe
Yolanda Xing – Painting – Chilling in Teashop
Yolanda Xing – Painting – Cáfe
Yolanda Xing – Painting – Little Boy in an Amusement Park
Elaine Yang – Painting – June
Max Yee – Photography – Human on Display
Max Yee – Photography – Surfing By
Maddie Yoo – Drawing and Illustration – Childlike Wonder

Honorable Mention:
Theodore Abramowitz – Digital Art – Conversational Yiddish
Theodore Abramowitz – Digital Art – Alice
Alicia Alderete – Photography – Bearly Seen 2
Alicia Alderete – Photography – Bearly Seen 3
Alicia Alderete – Digital Art – Self Portrait
Alicia Alderete – Digital Art – Marine Plastic Accordion Fold
Sydney Davis Denny – Photography – A Girl and her Car
Nicholas Forman – Painting – Love and Death of an Average Joe
Nicholas Forman – Painting – Portrait of Harmony Korine
Nicholas Forman – Digital Art – Vexed Dogs
jade harris – Photography – Light Photography –
Addison Hsiao – Photography – Walkway
Jeongwon Kim – Photography – Halloween on Diamond Street
Jeongwon Kim – Photography – Arts of Downtown LA
David Pérez Espinosa – Painting – Ye Shall Know
Yolanda Xing – Mixed Media – Dance Movement
Elaine Yang – Drawing and Illustration Jellyflower
Maddie Yoo – Painting – Always Thinking
Maddie Yoo – Drawing and Illustration I’ll Be There For You
Maddie Yoo – Drawing and Illustration Fearless

Western Region Writing Awards
Gold Key:
Frances Chiu – Poetry – Where I’m From Imitation
Hanwul Choi – Critical Essay – Imperialism on the Relationship of Citizen and State
Rudy Chong – Poetry – Woods
Sydney Davis Denny – Dramatic Script – The Appointment
Jackson Monical – Poetry – I Am What I Am

Silver Key:
Juliet Champagne – Personal Essay/Memoir – Love Yourself
Sam Clark – Personal Essay/Memoir – Prisoner of War
Sam Clark – Dramatic Script – Driving the Future
Francesco Fortunelli – Critical Essay – The Necessity of Foreign Workers
Jonathan Guy – Poetry – Freedom
Bomi Jung – Poetry – Knitted, Knitting
Caroline Kimbel – Critical Essay – Toxic Masculinity and its Harm on Society
Ella Leeson – Personal Essay/Memoir – Galapagos: The Trip of a Life-Time
Ella Leeson – Poetry – I, Too
Sofia Nava – Poetry – A Foreign Gift
Kayla Nielsen – Personal Essay/Memoir – The City That Never Sleeps, But Always Dreams
Sarah Romero – Personal Essay/Memoir – Love Me Back
Brianna Rosales – Poetry – Lost
Ruby Sortino – Personal Essay/Memoir – I am Sorry, Mom

Honorable Mention:
Charis Au – Critical Essay – Acquiescence vs. Resilience Under Intimidating Authority
Hannah Bae – Personal Essay/Memoir – Big Surs Best Moments
Anya Baranets – Personal Essay/Memoir – A Collection of Letters
Anya Baranets – Poetry – Two Houses
Edward Chau – Personal Essay/Memoir – From Philadelphia to Cambodia to Vietnam, I Followed Poverty Across the Globe
Sophia Chung – Personal Essay/Memoir – icicles
Sam Clark – Poetry – Light and Dark
Sam Clark – Personal Essay/Memoir – The Blue Flame
Frida Cruz – Poetry – Is It My Fault?
Louis Jamerson – Personal Essay/Memoir – Growing up Black in a White Community
Timothy Johnson – Personal Essay/Memoir – On Top of The World
Timothy Johnson – Poetry – Altitude
Bomi Jung – Critical Essay – Silence or Change
Asher Kim – Poetry – Poem
Chloe Kim – Personal Essay/Memoir – A Lucky Day
Caroline Kimbel – Journalism – Why Insatiable is Problematic
Audrey Lin – Poetry – Music
Emiliano Navarro – Personal Essay/Memoir – Undecided
Kayla Nielsen – Poetry – My Dreams
Rachel Serwin – Short Story – The Colors of Our Past
Ruby Sortino – Personal Essay/Memoir – The Tree House
Hannah Staudenmaier – Personal Essay/Memoir – Music in my memories
Alyssa Wong – Poetry – The Day
Alyssa Wong – Personal Essay/Memoir – 3 Things I Have Never Told My Mom

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