Scholastic Art and Writing Awards honors SPHS students

Story by Hanna Bae
Associate Opinion Editor

Photos by Erin Lee
Staff Photographer

46 SPHS students received Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for their written and visual pieces on Friday, Jan. 28. Students submitted works in numerous categories including Flash Fiction for writing and Fashion for art and were regionally judged by a panel of educators.

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards select students to receive either a Gold Key, a Silver Key, or an Honorable Mention nationally every year. For the 2022 term, seven SPHS students were awarded Gold Keys and 21 students were awarded Silver Keys.

“I got gold and silver for pages from a fanzine I created about technology addiction and its impact on us, especially during COVID,” Gold Key recipient senior Yijie Lin said. “I think it’s great, art is great, [and] art means a lot to me.”

A virtual award ceremony will be held on Thursday, Mar. 10 to commemorate regional award recipients. The seven Gold Key recipients from SPHS automatically qualify for the national competition and medalists will be announced on Wednesday, Mar. 23.


Western Region Art Awards:

Gold Key:

Lina Cho – Photography – Isolation

Yijie Lin – Digital Art – Negative impacts of technology (pg.1)

Yijie Lin – Digital Art – Negative impacts of technology (pg. 2)

Isa Oglanby – Digital Art – Infinity

Terry Song – Photography – Bee

Terry Song – Digital Art – Heading Out

Silver Key:

Simone Ashton – Comic Art – Cat Fight

Lina Cho – Photography – Industrialized

Bridget Chung – Digital Art – Clouds

Yijie Lin – Digital Art – Negative impacts of technology (pg. 5)

Jenny Pietrzik – Painting – Early winter

Terry Song – Digital Art – Wet

Terry Song – Digital Art – Journey

Natalie Wilson – Digital Art – Youth Baseball

Claire Yee – Photography – Canyon of Lava

Honorable Mention:

Penny Aboud – Digital Art – Los Angeles Clouds

Ark Chang – Fashion – Iridesence Hoodie

Rachel Choi – Photography – Stairway to Vanishment

Christopher Kuizon – Photography – A Secret Path Revealed

Yijie Lin – Digital Art – Negative impacts of technology (pg. 6)

Yijie Lin – Drawing & Illustration – Self Portrait

Jenny Pietrzik – Painting – Temple of Heaven

Samantha Shiroishi – Photography – Borderless

Terry Song – Digital Art – Skateboarder

Terry Song – Art Portfolio – Dayless Nights


Western Region Writing Awards:

Gold Key:

Hanna Bae – Poetry – The House I Used to Call Home

Nadia Cho – Poetry – American

Aidan Sullivan – Critical Essay – Does Capital Punishment Actually Work?

Silver Key:

Justin Alber – Critical Essay – The Death Penalty – Justice or Unjustice?

Bridget Chung – Critical Essay – American Dream Synthesis Essay

Belle De Berry – Poetry – Moving

Sofia Farmarco – Short Story – A Day at the Park

Kainoa Jones – Poetry – Me and You

Naiya Kim – Poetry – My Poems

Zoey Kuhn – Critical Essay – How I Define Success

Mitchell Lam – Poetry – The street I live on

Andrew Li – Critical Essay – My Definition of Success

Priscilla Ng – Short Story – Allen’s 7th Grade Journal

Kiana Park – Critical Essay – The Triumph of Life

Ginger Vieth – Poetry – Thoughts While Laying in Bed

Cleopatra Walker – Poetry – Ours

Honorable Mention:

Victoria Abelev – Flash Fiction – Dorian’s Lament

Aria Argus – Poetry – I Hope to See Him Again

Hanna Bae – Personal Essay & Memoir – Everything We Should Have Done

Bridget Bisharat – Personal Essay & Memoir – It’s Just Business

Jonathan Chiu – Poetry – The Accident

Eliana Chow – Critical Essay – The Patriarchy’s Victims

Lauren Dubria – Poetry – October 4th

David Inak – Poetry – Home Life

Taylor Jo-Gibson – Poetry – Chama’s Mochi Day

Katherine Lamb – Poetry – The Beauty of Autumn

Jessica Mai – Personal Essay & Memoir – Jumping into a Journey

Ian Marciel – Critical Essay – Research Argumentative Essay

Clare Maurer – Critical Essay – Success Essay

Kahlen Miao – Critical Essay – The Everlasting Origins of the Homeowner’s Association

Wyatt Ohlrigh – Poetry – My Existence

Cleopatra Walker – Critical Essay – Defining Your Idea of Success

Z Wechsler – Poetry – How Did We Get Here, Me Full of Bravery, You of Fear?

Laureen Wong – Poetry – Red and Blue Flashing Lights

Matteo Zambetti – Poetry – Procrastination

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