San Marino cheerleaders demean South Pasadena with explicit posters

By Brandon Yung
Assoc. News Editor

Photo edited by Brandon Yung

Banners displaying obscene messages directed against South Pasadena were discovered this morning on the San Marino High School campus. Although it is customary that the two rival teams would post banners promoting tonight’s varsity football game, members of the San Marino pep squad posted derogatory messages around the San Marino boy’s locker room.

One banner featured a sexually demeaning slur that included a reference to porn actress Mia Khalifa. Another had an image of a chained tiger next to the message, “Show the Tigers who’s daddy.” San Marino administrators have barred the pep squad from performing at tonight’s football game.

San Marino faculty responded soon after images of the posters spread on social media. A message was sent out to the school’s faculty a few hours after the images surfaced.

“Many can call it locker room talk, and though I knew nothing about it, the issue might have remained in the locker room had someone not taken pictures and posted them on social media,” San Marino High School principal Mary Johnson wrote in a message to her staff.

San Marino administrators contacted South Pasadena High School principal Janet Anderson to offer an apology for the inappropriate content of the banners.

“I thought [the banners] were vulgar and a very poor choice of what I hope was a very small minority of students,” Anderson said.

Anderson and varsity football team captain senior Ben Quirk made an announcement to the South Pasadena student body during fourth period, encouraging them to remain respectful at tonight’s heavily contested game.

“I plan to have three winning games: one this afternoon, one this evening, and a third from our spectators and our students,” said Anderson.

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4 Replies to “San Marino cheerleaders demean South Pasadena with explicit posters”

  1. Simon Chambers

    Disgraceful behaviour from the rich spoilt brats of San Marino. Clearly their parents have left teaching them social grace and good manners to the maid and gardener.

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