Press conference releases more details about missing boy: evidence points murder, attempted suicide

Written by Rachel Lu, Sofie Dreskin 

Photos by Helena Fu, Isaac Marziali

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials and District Attorneys are charging the father of the missing five-year-old Aramazd Andressian Jr. — whose disappearance gripped the South Pasadena community—  with homicide and attempted suicide and stated that he was planning to leave the country. This information was released at a press conference today regarding the status of Andressian Sr., who was arrested in Las Vegas where he resided for 47 days after the search began.

An extradition hearing is set for Tuesday, June 27 to determine if the suspect’s trial will be moved from Las Vegas to a local courthouse.

LACSD Chief Jim McDonnell addressed the increasingly urgent efforts of over 25 justice departments in several locations from South Pasadena to Santa Barbara County over the two-month period. Homicide investigators obtained a murder filing early last week prior to Andressian Sr.’s arrest, presenting evidence characterizing a ‘no-body murder’ and plans to avoid trial

“The time was right to make the arrest. Aramazd Andressian [Sr.] was becoming a flight risk,” Sheriff Jim McDonnell said at the press release.

Several departments including the South Pasadena Police Department (SPPD) have continuously searched for the boy without trace of a body, deeming the case a “no-body” murder. LACSD has set a $30,000 reward for the missing five-year-old, Andressian Jr., referred to by his family as Piqui.  

“In our South Pas community this is an anomaly. We live in a very safe community,” SPPD Chief Art Miller said. “It’s a family issue, and I think this brought our community together in that we all wanted to find the young boy.”

For more information on the events leading up to Andressian Sr.’s arrest:

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