Player Profile: Molly Feldmeth

By Noah Miyamae
Assoc. Sports Editor

Photo by Matthew Scholtz

Junior Molly Feldmeth has enticed crowds since her first high school game. She has been a part of the varsity volleyball team for three years, and a major factor in the team’s CIF runs in the past two seasons. Feldmeth plays a crucial role in the team as the setter to insure that her teammates have strong offensive opportunities.

Her passion began six years ago when she was in sixth grade. At this time, her sister was playing college volleyball as Feldmeth watched in awe. Her first encounters with a volleyball were when the coaches would allow her to shag at events.

Her parents have been the biggest supporters of her volleyball career.

“They have always been honest with my performances which has helped me to become a better player and person,”
Feldmeth said.

Feldmeth dedicates much of her free time to improving her skills. After enduring long practices with her teammates, she works with a private coach to get specific help. During the offseason, she trains equally as hard, participating in both club volleyball and beach volleyball tournaments over the summer.

“My favorite aspect of high school volleyball is the overall environment,” Feldmeth said. “The fans really fuel the team with energy and always amaze me.”

She is always trying to find ways to perform her best and boost her skills for future games. Before the start of each game, she watches a recording of the previous one to see what she did well and what she
could improve.

Feldmeth’s eventual goal is to follow in her sister’s footsteps and take her talents to the collegiate level, but one of her current aspirations is to help continue the success of the girls’ volleyball team.

“As a teammate, he’s always supportive and encouraging. As a runner, he’s a fierce racer who never gives in to pain and always fights it out to the end,” teammate and junior Jaehyung Choi said.