Photo Gallery: SpaceX Launch over South Pasadena

Photos by Luke Quezada
Staff Photographer

and courtesy of Josh Desbrisay

South Pasadenans enjoyed an impressive display as one of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket soared along the skyline on the evening of Friday, December 22. The two-stage rocket was launched from Vandenberg Air Force base in Santa Barbara on Friday evening.


The booster held a payload of 10 satellites to be sent into orbit for Virginia based company Iridium. This rocket marks the fourth successful launch for the communications company.

One Reply to “Photo Gallery: SpaceX Launch over South Pasadena”

  1. Ellen Baskin

    Great pbotos, Luke! I was lucky enough to see it from my backyard & got some photos, too. None as good as your pic of the whole form though! (I think you did a better job than the LA Times (page B3 newspaper delivered on Sat.) Happy Holidays to you, Zach, & your mom & dad.
    Mrs. Baskin

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