Photo Gallery: 2018-2019 SPHS ASB Commissioners announced

Photos by Brandon Yung, Alicia Alderete, and Richard Gomez

After a full week of poster, t-shirt and pin giveaways, candidates for ASB Commission ended their campaigns with school-wide elections, held on Friday, April 13. 20 candidates ran for positions in the 2018-2019 ASB which included Commissioner General, Commissioner of Internal Affairs and Commissioner of Noontime.

This year, many of the candidates utilized music or prerecorded tracks in a variety of nonconventional speeches and new campaign efforts. Newly-elected Commissioner of Activities junior Abbie Lukavsky rapped the entirety of her speech in a parody to Drake’s “God’s Plan” while newly-elected Commissioner General Lauren Kafkaloff sang her speech to the tune of the SpongeBob Squarepants theme song.

For some candidates, this election symbolized a chance to further change into South Pas community. Junior Akash Rathi became involved with school activities as vice-president of his class this year. During his term, he helped organize two hurricane-relief fundraisers and planned a “Ping Pong for Patients” activity in conjunction to ASB’s annual Pennies for Patients fundraising drive.

“It was then that I realized that we could help those in need and simultaneously have a good time,” Rathi said. “That was my motivation to run for office, and I truly believe school-wide community efforts will promote a positive, healthy atmosphere.”

Runoff voting between candidates for Commissioner of Publicity, juniors Hayley Villapudua and Jade Li, will take place on Friday, April 20.

2018-2019 ASB Commissioners:

Commissioner General: Lauren Kafkaloff

Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Caleb Waters

Commissioner of Correspondence: Kyra Angkasa

Commissioner of Finance: Jazzy Serrano

Commissioner of Academics: Grace Kim

Commissioner of Activities: Abbie Lukavsky

Commissioner of Assemblies: Flannery Clark

Commissioner of Athletics: Jack Sanders

Commissioner of Clubs: Sage Pierone

Commissioner of Noontime: Nico Salazar

Commissioner of Publicity: RUNOFF between Hayley Villapudua and Jade Li

Commissioner of School and Community: Akash Rathi

Commissioner of Spirit: Rebecca Wang

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