Pennies for Patients fundraiser exceeds goal

By Noah Miyamae

Assoc. Sports Editor

The “Pennies for Patients” fundraiser at South Pasadena High School reached a grand total of $5,177.82 in the 2016 school year. This surpassed the goal of $4,200 by almost a thousand dollars and became the highest total since 2011.

“It has just been a matter of getting students to go a little further and donate whatever they can,” junior class vice president Tei Park said, “Even doing little things like reminding your friends and looking for loose change can remind students about the true meaning about this fundraiser.”

Ms Bishop’s class raised the highest amount with a total of $828.23 which averaged out to $28.56 per person. One of Ms Bishop’s students, freshman Alekzander Grijalva-Moreno, participated in a marathon to support the cause and raised a total of $450.

“We discussed the joy in giving, and students wanted to help the less fortunate,” Ms Bishop said, “This caused the students to inspire one another to ask their family members and neighbors to donate whatever they could.”

Ms Gill’s fourth period came in second place with a total of $470.77and an average amount of $23.54 per student. Mr. Grove’s fourth period rounded out the top three with a total of $452.22 and an average per student of $14.59.

The largest single fundraising day was the deadline as students rallied a total of $1,924. The SPHS student body would have been a thousand dollars below the goal if not for this final day.

“ASB is extremely satisfied that the students were able to reach the school-wide goal,” junior CASC representative Maya Roshandel said, “Next year’s goal will be up to the Commissioner of School and Community, but the goal will most likely be higher than this year’s.