Pasadena faces second coronavirus death in L.A. at Huntington Hospital

Story by Adam Kwoh
News Editor

California resident Jeffrey Ghazarian died at Pasadena’s Huntington Hospital on Thursday, Mar. 19, after testing positive for coronavirus following a visit to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida. The 34-year old’s passing marks the second confirmed death in L.A. County.

Ghazarian, according to TMZ, developed a fever and cough during his trip to Orlando, Florida for a work conference where he also paid trips to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. He traveled back to L.A. on Mar. 9 and went to the emergency room.

Ghazarian spent 5 days at Huntington Hospital on a ventilator after being tested positive for the coronavirus and pneumonia.

Ghazarian also reportedly had a history of asthma and bronchitis and was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, possibly making him a higher-risk patient.

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