Margins Magazine introduces chance for the oppressed to speak out

By Sammy Park

Staff Writer

Illustration by Ashley Amado

The frustration stemming from the lack of representation of oppressed groups in the media has been brewing for some time. Now, there is a solution.

Margins, an upcoming online magazine, is aiming to amplify the voices of women who are not acknowledged by the mainstream feminist movement, showcasing stories that have previously been ignored by the general public.

Margins is a platform where women of color can take charge of their own narratives. So often, every piece of news and opinion is influenced by the white supremacist heteropatriarchy and marginalized groups of people are silenced,” writer for Margins, Parul Kumar, said. “Margins Magazine destroys this and gives us a chance to speak out, be heard, and share our stories from our prospective.”

Margins, despite being less than three months old, has received an incredible amount of attention. With hundreds of likes on Facebook, over a thousand notes on Tumblr, and an influx of people applying for a position on staff, the response to Margins has been nothing short of amazing. “The reason people are really drawn to this project is because they see the need for this kind of platform and really want to support it,” Nicole Lovett, co-founder of Margins said.

The publication has a staff that is mainly teens of color. Margins is based in California and stresses an emphasis on having their staff be diverse. With readers ranging from Canada to England, the internet has played a huge part in Margins’ success.

“I enjoy that Margins is a grassroots movement as much it is a magazine and by talking to my fellow writers and artists, it’s created a bond that will show through our work,” illustrator, Drew Jefferson said.
Coming out in September, the first issue will feature essays, poetry, and more.