Junior Skye Harris elected for Commissioner of Athletics

Story by Kahlen Miao
Staff Writer

Photo by Sarah Lee
Associate Photo Editor

Junior Skye Harris’ take on integrating mental health and athletics was what garnered tremendous support for her to become Commissioner of Athletics for the 2021-2022 school year. Harris’ goal is to improve athletic spirit after the sports hiatus in the 2020-2021 school year.

Harris’ strong background in athletics includes three years on the SPHS varsity track team. However, it wasn’t until hearing from her mother the importance of balancing mental wellness and sports in sports that inspired her to run for commissioner.

“I’ve always grown up in an athletic family and have a lot of relatives that are professional athletes,” Harris said. “Integrating mental health into [SPHS athletics] sounds amazing which made me think: ‘I’m going to run for commissioner because I want to make [SPHS athletics] as inclusive and fun for all students.’”

During her time as commissioner, Harris hopes to ensure all athletes’ opinions are properly represented to the athletic department, making sure students are heard. She also looks to consider student perspectives on how to improve athletes’ mental health at SPHS after a year in distance learning.

Harris is looking forward to seeing the stands filled up again and bringing excitement back into sports.

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