Internship program continues with second workshop

By David Seo
Staff Writer

Photo by Kevin Huang
Staff Photographer

The Internship Program conducted its second training workshop after school on Tuesday in the Career Counseling Center. Directed once again by Career Technical Education Specialist Ms. Andrea Fox, the second phase of the students’ initiation focused heavily on the job interview process.

Many of the students that signed up for the internship program have never held a formal internship or job. This responsibility can seem daunting to many, but Ms. Fox was able to break down the process into streamlined steps. She highlighted the importance of a professional yet captivating cover letter and resumé, emphasizing that employers only look at them for a matter of seconds. Students learned how to differentiate themselves from other applicants, with an emphasis placed on good first impressions. The training also encompassed how one should dress and behave during an interview, stressing tip-to-toe grooming and open body language. To close off the session, students engaged in simulated job interviews.

Students who have attended both training workshops will soon be applying for internships. The skills they have acquired can hopefully be applied as they interview throughout the first two weeks of October.

“One of the things I think is most interesting about South Pasadena students is that they’re very well rounded and have a lot of varied interests,” Ms. Fox said. “They have a lot to offer to the employers and they will gain much from them.”