Girls’ volleyball falls to La Salle on the road

Written by Sofie Dreskin 
Staff Writer 

Photos by Alicia Alderete
Staff Photographer 

Girls’ volleyball was defeated at La Salle  in a three set sweep on Tuesday, September 12. The loss  featured scores of 18-25, 21-25, and 22-25, subsequently bringing South Pas’ record to 2-2. The Tigers made several comebacks throughout the games but were unable to close a single set against the Lancers.

The first set began poorly for the Tigers as La Salle picked apart South Pas’ reception with strong kills. South Pas gained momentum, however, after a kill from freshman Lola Foord and was able to keep the score close. Senior Isabel Bluml made a block against the Lancers, leaving the opposition scrambling to return the ball. While struggling for leverage, La Salle served a few aces against the Tigers and hit well aimed and powerful spikes. South Pasadena called a timeout after an avalanche of points from La Salle and were able to pick up the pace with kills from seniors Sophia Benzoni and Maddie Saito. The Tigers struggled to catch up to the Lancers lead and the set ended with a score of 25-18.

The Tigers started the second set well, with dynamic hitting from Foord and inconsistent serving from its adversary. The Lancers held off the Tigers with powerful serving and offensive play. Junior Kimberly Brown made two kills and a block, keeping South Pasadena’s score up at 15-12. The Tigers struggled to communicate and cover holes in the court while La Salle utilized its front row. The Lancers widened their lead bringing the score to 21-15. Saito and Foord hit strongly as the score rose to 22-18. South Pasadena was unable to maintain this momentum and the set ended at 25-21.

The second set started with two kills from Foord and a missed serve from La Salle. The Tigers struggled to keep their early lead and made several errors, resulting in points for the Lancers. South Pasadena came back with kills from Foord and Benzoni as well as an ace from Brown. The Tigers still scrambled to recept the Lancer’s hits and they established a considerable lead at 13-20. South Pasadena’s front row played aggressively and was able to start a comeback. Senior Harper Fox, junior Natalie Deng as well as Foord and Saito all made kills leading South Pas to tie the score at 22-22. Saito sustained a calf injury and left the game after a kill. The Lancers began to hit strongly and closed the set at 22-25.

“I think we played really well,” Bluml said, “especially considering the age of the two teams and the advanced club level of the players, I think we did super awesome.”

The Tigers will play San Gabriel in their fifth preseason game September 19 hoping to improve their record.


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