Girls’ golf succeeds against Rowland

The girl’s golf team has begun to rebuild after its recent defeat, with a 206-254 victory over Rowland on the Alhambra Golf Course. Sophomore Victoria Tskvitichvili lead the match with a 38 stroke count, closely followed by freshman Katherine Anthony who scored 40. Senior Nicole Srisutham tied Rowland’s leader for third with a score of 41, and placing fourth and fifth for the Tigers were senior Bethany Chen (42) and sophomore Lindsay Biggar (45), respectively.

The Tigers had a lot to prove this game following their heartbreaking loss to Gabrielino on October 3. Despite facing their first league defeat in seven years, the team was well prepared to take on Rowland and still hopes to clinch their eighth consecutive league title in spite of this setback. After their recent victory, the Tigers seem to be well on their way to conquering the Montview League once again.

Girls’ golf shows renewed promise and vigor in defeating Rowland and has displayed that they continue to have the strength and willpower to carry on their streak.

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