Girls’ basketball loses a tight match to Temple City

Photos by Thomas Forman 
Photo Editor 

The girls’ basketball team suffered a tough, 60-54, loss to Temple City on January 17, after an intense battle including multiple changes in the lead.

The game’s first period was a defensive one. As soon as the ball was tipped to the Tigers, the action flew back and forth in a flurry of passes and blocked shots. After several minutes without a basket made, sophomore Charlize Kruzic was fouled and gained the opportunity to sink a free throw shot, giving the Tigers an early lead. However this did not last for long, because the Rams retaliated almost immediately with a basket. From that point on, it was clear that this would not be an easy game. Both sides fought on and by the end of the first period, the score was 13-9. The Tigers trailed by four points. The next period, the Rams began a ferocious onslaught that increased their lead to 28-20.


Trailing by 8 points, the Tiger’s knew that they needed an astonishing comeback to remain in the game and came out playing as if their lives depended on it. This became aggressive game of basketball that was fraught with fouls on both sides, but with a series of tTger 3-pointers, they got back into the game, tying it up for the final period at 36-36.

Thus, the score was evened out for the final period of the game, and the now-packed court erupted with cheers when the game commenced again. The Tigers struck first once again, with junior Lauren Kafkaloff’s basket taking the lead. But the Rams did not let themselves be pushed out of the competition and struck back with several 3-pointers in a row. In the last few minutes it could have been anyone’s game, but unfortunately, the Rams pushed ahead of the Tigers despite accumulating a team foul. Despite the valiant fight and strong comeback from South Pasadena, the final score was 60-54 with Temple City claiming victory.

The team will face La Cañada on the road in its next match on Friday, January 18.


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