Girls basketball defeats San Marino in rival win

Story by Lexie Doig
Senior Staff Writer

Photo by Michelle Shadmon
Staff Photographer

Girls basketball obliterated the San Marino Titans 69-32 on Wednesday, Jan 19. The Tigers now stand at an overall ranking of 16-1, in only the second game of the season.

Many intense, back-and-forth runs across the court and minor skirmishes over the ball punctuated the game. Led by sophomore Dylan Tse sinking numerous 2-pointers, the Tigers consistently managed to break through San Marino’s defense. Throughout the first quarter, the Tigers backed San Marino players into corners, forcing them to make desperate and wildly unsuccessful shots ultimately establishing an early lead of 21-10.

The Titans turned up the heat in the second quarter, but the Tigers rose in response. After nearly a minute without either team scoring, senior forward Allysan Tse broke the scoring drought with a 3-pointer over the many Titans swarming to challenge her. South Pasadena upped their defense, knocking the ball out of the air almost every time San Marino lined up a shot, ending the first half with a score of 37-13.

The Tigers had practically secured their victory in the third quarter, as multiple charges down the court and impressive long-distance shots completely bypassed the Titans’ defense. Sophomore shooting guard Yuzu Harada dominated this quarter, scoring two 3-pointers from half court as San Marino’s defense was left in the dust. Even as San Marino made a small comeback in this quarter, they were quickly faced with the Tiger’s insurmountable lead of 55-26.

South Pasadena could have coasted through the final quarter, but instead, they decided to end the game with style as junior power forward Peyton Washington and senior point guard Isabella Alfonso charged down the court and sank multiple 2-pointers. While there were more turnovers on both sides and frequent impasses, the Tigers dominated the court and confirmed their victory with an impressive score of 69-32. 

The Tigers will next face off against the Serra Cavaliers at home on Saturday, January 22.

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