The Freezin Point brings Thai dessert to California

By Elizabeth Bock
Staff Writer

Photo by Tucker Judkins
Online Managing Editor

The Freezin Point in Monterey Park is the closest rolled ice cream joint to South Pasadena. The store can be spotted on Garvey Avenue tucked away in a rinky-dink strip mall. After walking down a quiet street, the din of the shop provides a stark contrast.

The clattering and clanging of the metal spatulas busily scraping away at an icy counter top was more than enough to make anyone grind their teeth. This shop is the new provider of the latest food trend broadcasted all over social media. The store was filled with Instagram’s “foodies,” who eagerly awaited their next post with hungry cameras.

The Freezin Point brings a unique twist to the ice cream Californians are used to. Originally made by street vendors in Thailand, this distinctive frozen treat was first made popular in America on the East Coast, but the craze has gradually migrated west.

To make this dessert, custard is poured onto an icy plate where it gradually freezes until the ice cream takes a more solid shape. Any added toppings, such as bananas or strawberries, are mixed in and chopped until the mixture is smooth. The combination is then flattened, rolled, and placed into a cup where it is decorated. The result: a gorgeous, media worthy dessert.

It’s difficult to bring yourself to eat the rolls as it seems almost cruel to ingest a treat so beautifully prepared. But with those fears aside, it is easy to indulge. The flavor and texture of the ice cream is perfect. The store has a range of options, varying from milk tea to the classic cookies and cream. At just seven dollars per cup, the price is well worth the filling reward.

The crowd and clamor can sometimes overpower the flavor provided. Still, the Freezin Point serves this new media sensation well; the rolls are both stunning and delicious.

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