Fall Arts Crawl: Celebrating Halloween Spirit with Local Businesses

Story by Ethan Kwak
Staff Writer 

Photo by Michelle Shadmon
Photo Editor

The South Pasadena Fall Arts Crawl took place on Saturday, Oct. 29 at various businesses and shops. A subtle Halloween influence took over the Fall-themed event as vendors and participants took to the streets, some dressed in costumes.

Pitched tents offering goods and attractions lined Meridian Ave. and Mission St. as part of the Artisan’s Alley. Local band Tom and Friends performed in front of an audience of picnickers. Set up adjacent to the information booth, Dads Uniting Dads in Education and Service (DUDES) sold homemade beer. The Historical Museum was also open, allowing visitors to explore South Pasadena’s history. From repurposed spoon jewelry to woven handbags, the Alley displayed an array of products.

South Pas Flea, a side event in correlation to the Fall Arts Crawl, consisted of a multitude of sellers, from Chained By Joy, a handmade chainmail seller, to Boom Chicka Blooms, a make-your-own bouquet business from the bed of a truck. Used items such as the cassette tapes and vinyl of Forest Moon Records and random yard sale toys strewn over folding tables were also sold. 

Local business, Mama’s Pizza hosted performers Day Job, and local guitar teacher Michael Campagna covering 80s music. The South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC) also presented an exhibition by local artists.

“Just seeing people and family walking in the streets as a community [is my favorite part about arts crawls],” SPARC Board Member, Blue Trimarchi said. “We have a great gallery showcasing local artists that we’d love to see more people of South Pasadena attend.”

Local business Hotbox Vintage hosted a double-feature screening of movies Body Double and Nothing Underneath. A steady stream of people walked through the doors at 7 p.m., clutching warm fleece blankets. 

A cluster of independent artisans set up shop on the curb by Dinosaur Farm, alongside returning food truck Sus Arepas. Among them was Shawna Upp, fudge-maker and founder of Fudge my Life, a local confectionary based in Pasadena. This is Upp’s second year of participation.

“Seeing the community out, meeting other people interested in art, and supporting small businesses are my favorite parts of the arts crawls,” Upp said.

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