Congressional democratic candidate Katie Hill visits South Pasadena

Photo by Thomas Forman

Indivisible South Pasadena and Feminists in Action hosted an event focusing on Democratic candidate Katie Hill, who is planning to run against incumbent Steve Knight to represent CA-25 –– encompassing Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. CA-25 has been represented by Republican representatives since 1992, a pattern which Hill seeks to disrupt as part of a predicted wave of progressive house campaigns in 2018. Hill is currently being supported by both Democrats, some conservative groups, and other female candidates following the Women’s March.

As a young progressive candidate, Hill’s Democratic platform emphasizes the importance of giving a voice to underrepresented groups in society. In support of many of those points, Indivisible South Pasadena invited Hill to speak in South Pas to both garner for and raise money for her campaign.

Tanya Parker, the co-founder of Indivisible South Pasadena, welcomed South Pasadena citizens as well as other guests. Congresswoman Judy Chu (Democrat) –– South Pasadena’s congressional representative and a supporter of Hill ––appeared during the evening and introduced her to the audience.

“She appeals to a crowd of people who would vote for her versus the other candidate. She appeals to women, nonpartisans, and to some Republicans. She appeals to the core of this district,” Chu said, explaining her reasons for supporting Hill.

For the majority of the evening, Hill delivered her mission statement regarding representing susceptible communities. If elected to represent the 25th district, Hill promised she would prioritize issues stressed in the meeting such as healthcare and coverage for women and seniors as well as rebuilding the middle class. With the increasing amount of supporters for her causes, Hill is determined to flip the red district blue.

Much of Hill’s platform is rooted in her background as a nursing student. Before aspiring to become a progressive leader, Hill planned on becoming a nurse, following her mother and grandmother’s footsteps.

Hill recalled how, when working in the emergency room, she witnessed a 17-year-old gang member die from fatal gunshot wounds. Realizing the social issues that caused so many deaths, Hill decided to shift her career and eventually became an advocate and joined People Assisting The Homeless (PATH) to help address the issue of poverty and stable families.

The event concluded at 8:20 p.m. with a question and answer session with the audience. Due to the recent Florida shootings, Hill was questioned about other issues such as what her plans for promoting school safety and gun control were. Hill responded with closing loopholes on background checks as well as enforcing waiting periods.

CA-25 remains as the only Republican district in the Los Angeles County. Hill plans mobilize voters to flip the district, hoping to unify California’s already progressive stance in Washington.

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